15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go!


15 Breakfast Ideas for on the Go! We all know mornings can be hectic. When  you add kids to the mix, your mornings can get downright chaotic. Everyone needs to get dressed, find lost backpacks and shoes, make lunches, do their hair,and everyone is fighting for a position in front of that mirror. While I can't help you with dividing up mirror time, I do have some ideas  for grabbing a quick breakfast on the go. The 15 ideas below should get you pointed in the right direction(without having … [Read more...]

15 Healthy Snacks for Lunchboxes

healthy snacks for lunchboxes

15 Healthy Snacks for Lunchboxes Packing lunchboxes can be stressful, especially if you wait until the last minute while trying to find a left shoe, a backpack, and your lipstick all before the bus gets to your house. Then there are all the choices: Do you fill it full of good for you stuff that your child may or may not eat? Or,  do you fill it with food you know your child will eat,  but may not be  so healthy? And what about allergies? Many schools are totally peanut-free, so that leaves … [Read more...]

Madame Deals + eMeals = Delicious Meal Planning Ideas in Store for You!

meal planning

Meal Planning Made Simple! I'm excited to tell you that Madame Deals has teamed up with eMeals to bring you some delicious new ideas! First, let me tell you a bit about eMeals. eMeals offers Meal Planning Guides to fit all family lifestyles and sizes. Here's how it works: First you choose a meal plan based on your family’s size and eating style. You can even select your favorite grocery store. Every week, you will receive a meal plan in your inbox. Your plan will include 7 simple, … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Guide from eMeals

meal planning

Meal Planning Guide to Fit all family lifestyles and sizes. Shop quicker, Save money, and Enjoy Great Recipes! "Mom, what's for dinner?" I love cooking for my family, but sometimes I simply have no idea what to make. I'm terrible at meal planning - and that's where a great site like eMeals comes in. Here's how it works: Choose a meal plan based on your family's size and eating style. You can even select your favorite grocery store. Every week, you will receive a meal plan in your … [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s Trip

Trader Joe's

  Trader Joe's I have a weird grocery shopping routine. You see I switch store each week. This week I decided that all the stores in my area really didn't have great deals on the things we need. I go to kroger/ harris teeter using coupons, Sam's club which by the way is only $5.16 today for a membership <---- HUGE DEALS. Then I go to Trader Joe's. I make an emergency run to Food lion since it is near us. I have a $125 a week budget for 5 people. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies so I … [Read more...]

Party Planning on A Budget

Party Planning

One of the best things about the holiday season is all the holiday parties and gatherings. It is fun to get together with friends and family and take a break from reality for a little while. The part that is not fun is the party planning. The reason it is not fun is usually because the cost of planning a party or even a small get together can really attack the budget. In a few weeks I am going to open up my house for a holiday party with friends and so the planning has begun. I am not stressed … [Read more...]

Madame Deals Meals

    I am a working mom living life "within" the budget. I have three kids and two job and less than 15 minutes each night to get something on the table. I needed to figure out ways to feed my family healthy meals in a snap. I am not a chef I am just a mom on the mission to provide the best I can for my family one meal at a time. I try each Wednesday to cook something different. … [Read more...]

What’s for Dinner Wednesday: Once a Month Cooking

Once a Month Cooking     Hey good looking what ya got cooking.... nothing! I am just heating it up. There are three things that made me want to try to cook my meals ahead of time using the Once A Month cooking Method. Three Kids that are hungry at 5:00. One requires me to eat, the other two require me to cook for them. Three Jobs (Stay at Home Mom, Co-Owner of Madame Deals, Help Desk Supervisor) Less time in the kitchen and more time with my family I am starting … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Meals

Cooking dinner is sometimes stressful from a time and money standpoint. Below are a few tips to make your meals go further. This is a post that I wrote for Ideas That Spark. Ideas That Spark: Mom2Mom Stretch Your Family Meals By Renae Chiovaro for Ideas That Spark Cooking at home is the most economical way to feed your family. Here’s how to make the most of your time and money. Cook once, eat twice. That doesn’t mean you have to serve the same meal each night! Cook extra servings of the … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week & Beef Stroganoff Recipe

I am attempting to start menu planning again! There is less stress during the week if I take the time to write up a menu plan. The last few weeks have been hectic so meal planning took a back seat. One thing to note, I have not grocery shopped in over a week! My freezer and pantry were stocked so I decided to take a shopping break. I will have to go this week for fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products. Breakfast Homemade Banana Bread- This recipe comes for Erin at $5 Dollar Dinners … [Read more...]