Halloween Candy Recipes

Halloween Candy Recipes

Halloween Candy Recipes I have to admit, even as an adult I look forward to Halloween because of the candy. By itself it’s perfectly fine but when candy is part of a recipe for another sweet treat it’s extra good! Here are 10 of the best Halloween Candy Recipes that I found to share with you. You can make all of these to celebrate Halloween or you can do what I do and make them as an excuse to use up some of the Halloween candy your kids bring home from trick or treating. Halloween Candy ...

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Kraft Foods Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip

Spinach dip

Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip Recipe Are you planning on cooking up some yummy recipes for Halloween and the coming holidays? If yes, then you shouldn't pass up this chance to check out Kraft Foods Cooking Up Good. They have lots of mouthwatering recipes, cooking tricks, coupons and even prizes. I decided to recreate their Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip recipe. I love this spinach bread diprecipe. I think it was so easy to create and tasted so amazing. I found the instructions were easy ...

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Halloween Treat Mix Recipe


Halloween Treat Mix Recipe   Halloween is in 9 days and if you are looking for a great recipe for your party, then you will love this Halloween Treat Mix Recipe! It's easy to make, and oh-so-cute! My 5 year old actually chose this recipe and the ingredients! This whole recipe took about 20 minuets and made enough for a crowd. We actually bagged it up and sent it to her class for a fun treat! Follow us on pinterest    Here is how to make this Halloween Treat Mix Recipe: ...

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Zombie Brains Halloween Recipe: Green Macaroni and Cheese


Zombie Brains Halloween Recipe: Green Macaroni and Cheese The zombies are coming to eat our brains… not unless we eat theirs first! Turning regular macaroni and cheese into green zombie brains is very easy and will sure be a fun addition to your Halloween recipe list. Zombie Brains Halloween Recipe: Green Macaroni and Cheese ...

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Kids Halloween Recipes:White “Haunt” Chocolate


Kids Halloween Recipes:White "Haunt" Chocolate   If you are looking for a fun Kids Halloween Recipe  to make with your kids this Halloween season then you will love this White "Haunt" Chocolate, or as my daughter calls it, Liquid Ghosts! It is a super easy recipe to make, and it is perfect for warming up your bones during the cool fall nights. It only takes a few ingredients and about 10 minuets to make this hauntingly good treat, and is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!  ...

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Halloween Mummy Dogs


Halloween Mummy Dogs Every year for Halloween, me and my daughter make these Halloween Mummy Dogs and they are always a huge hit at any parties or gatherings we bring them too! The recipe is easy to make, and I love being able to have my 5 year old in the kitchen with me, helping cook! And the best part is you only need a few ingredients and about 30 minuets to make these festive snacks! ...

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Halloween Recipes: Meringue Ghosts


Halloween Recipes: Meringue Ghosts   If you are looking for a fun Halloween treat that won't bust your calorie budget, then you will love my Halloween Recipes: Meringue Ghosts! These cuties are easy to make, and are only 25 calories each! I had a lot of fun making these, and they would be perfect for a Halloween party, or even as a special treat to take to school!  ...

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Halloween Recipe: “Worm” Sandwich


Halloween Recipe:"Worm" Sandwich   Looking for a fun Halloween Recipe to make for your kids this year? Try this "Worm" Sandwich! We know it's just hot dogs, but it looks like a total gross out worms on a bun! My 5 year old cracked up at this recipe, and said we have to serve them at our Halloween Party. This recipe was simple to make, and only takes about 10 minutes and a few ingredients! ...

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Kids Halloween Recipes: Pumpkin Fluff


Kids Halloween Recipes: Pumpkin Fluff   Kids Halloween Recipes:It's that time of year again, the time for changing leaves, cooler temperatures, fun costumes, and pumpkins! Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so anytime I see a new fall themed recipe I must try it! This Kids Halloween Recipes: Pumpkin Fluff  was SO easy to make and it is absolutely delicious. My little girl has been eating it up since I made it. It tastes like pumpkin pie (but it's ...

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Halloween FUN

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I love to make haunted houses. The reason is they are a wonderful way for children to express their creativity.  We do them every year at our children's Booday party. You can uses these houses for several holidays like Christmas or Easter. It is a tradition that we do every year and every year I am excited to see how their designs change. You will need icing and Popsicle sticks to spread the icing. Then you will need to purchase a bird house and some candy. I bought the bird houses at ...

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