Pantry Challenge Week #3 Menu Plan

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Can you believe that we are into week three of the Pantry Challenge? I am pleasantly surprised about how well it has gone! We still have plenty of food in the pantry and I stayed under budget last week! Here is a quick run down of my shopping last week: Food Budget $40: Kroger: Spent $17.15 on produce, milk, bread Harris Teeter: Spent $13.24 on cheese, quaker rice snacks, crystal light, bread, yogurt & turkey breast (The fresh Turkey breast was 5lbs on markdown to $3.76 from … [Read more...]

Making a Pot Roast for the Dogs

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One of my goals for Madame Deals is to keep it real. I am not perfect, nor is Amee. I am learning on this frugal adventure on a daily basis. This week I had a BIG fail. As many of you know, I have been participating in the pantry challenge. Before I started the challenge, I went shopping for meat. That is one thing we had little of in our freezer stockpile. I bought a beautiful roast. With little room in my fridge, it ended up in the bottom drawer. Can you guess? Yes, I forgot about the roast! … [Read more...]

Rachel Ray: Shrimp Tarragon with Tomatoes is What's for Dinner

So why Rachel Ray recipes each week? Well, being a mom of two who co-owns a business and works part-time all while doing the most important job in the world being a stay at home mom... we need to eat. I like Rachel Ray's recipes because they only take 30 minutes. They are easy to follow and tasty. I pick recipes that use the items I have in the freezer and refrigerator or that are on sale this week to bring a little gourmet to our day. I try to make the most of my time and my dollars and Rachel … [Read more...]

Rachel Ray Chicken Parm Meatball and Spaghetti is What's for dinner this Wednesday

Chicken Parm Meatballs and Spaghetti CLICK HERE TO SEE RACHEL COOK IT So why this recipe? Well that is simple, I think almost all of the items needed to make this are in Renae's stock pile. She has challenged herself to cook using just what she finds in her cabinets. She will buy veggies, milk, and bread and gather all the free items at Harris Teeters this week. I personally love Italian food when it is cold. I think it is just heavenly after a long cold day. I suggest doubling everything … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Recipe: Sweet Potato Custard

I have had a couple of requests for the Sweet Potato Custard recipe. This recipe came from a crock pot cooking class I took several years ago. It is a simple recipe and great to make for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I really like that it cooks in the crock pot instead of taking up room in the oven. It almost tastes like dessert! The original recipe was by Debbie Duggan. Sweet Potato Custard 5 Cups chopped, peeled sweet potatoes or yams 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice 2 Tblsp. unsalted soft … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Menu Planning

I am sitting down writing out my menu for next week. We have family coming from Wednesday until Saturday morning. With so many people to cook for, it is important for me to plan my menu and my grocery shopping. Luckily, I have my sister-in-law here who will share the cooking and hosting duties with me! As I was planning my menu, I thought of a few tips to share with all of you! Check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer for items you may have on hand. Make sure to check your … [Read more...]

Planning a Halloween Party

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For the last couple of years I have made a Halloween themed dinner for my nephews and my boys. Not only is a lot of fun but it also fills there bellies with a hearty meal before they hit the candy trail! I make-up a menu and print it out for the boys to read over. It is so fun to listen to their reactions to the silly names! Menu Ideas: Witches Fingers with Blood Sauce (Mozzarella sticks and Marinara sauce) Mummy Dogs (Hot dogs or Lil'smokies wrapped in crescent rolls) Snakes & … [Read more...]

Great Food For ALL Review

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Pros: tons of food for $30 Easy to carry in a box Easy to purchase online Easy to pick-up The food comes with cooking directions Cons- It is ALL frozen so if you have a limited amount of freezer space you maybe disappointed They have the right to change what you have ordered we got peas and carrots instead of corn I have to say I am impressed. I am so impressed we are looking into buying a freezer to hold all the great boxes they have available for November. I have been studying how … [Read more...]

Free Slow Cooker Recipes

It is crock-pot season! I actually have chicken in the crock-pot for dinner tonight!Do you want some new recipes? Free eCookbook: 33 Hearty Slow Cooker RecipesĀ featuring 50 pages of quick and easy recipes. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address. You will see two pages of ads you can sign-up for. If you don't want the other deals, just click on skip and your e-book will be ready to download! … [Read more...]