Working Mom What’s for Dinner? Tradition

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Happy Hannukah This is a very big night in our house. I will be making the traditional Latkes, Pot Roast, and then we will play the dreidal game. I think it is important to cook with your children. I know it is one of the things that remind me of my family. Here is my potroast recipe.. (okay my sister's recipe) I use my crockpot and I add in the ingredients below 1 1/4 cups water 5 1/2 pounds pot roast carrots sweet potatoes 1 package of  onion soup mix Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low … [Read more...]

Working MomWhat’s for Dinner: Everything I found on sale?

Okay so I have been a great cook this week. I made Renae's Asparagus soup on Monday! Yummy. I cooked it a little differently because I steam additional asparagus for baby food. It was yummy. Then on Tuesday night I made Connie's Lasgna and this recipe I threw together with all my on sale items. I made two dinners on Tuesday so I didn't have to cook on Wednesday just reheat. I think lasagna taste better on the second day. The Chicken Bake 1 can of cream of mushroom soup 1 tsp of … [Read more...]

Easy Fondue

Here is the big secret in our house we disguise vegetables. The easiest way is to create a fun meal. We are going to have Fondue.. or "fun do". It is quick and easy! 16 oz of cheddar cheese 1/2 cup of apple juice, wine,  or beer 1/2 bar of cream cheese tsp of dry mustard First, place the apple juice in a heated sauce pan Second, add in the cream cheese until it is soften Third, place in the cheddar cheese (you can use any shredded cheese you like) Fourth, stir in the … [Read more...]

Fish and Veggies

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I Threw it Together Dinner of Fish and Veggies I had 20 minutes and soccer to content with. I opened the freezer and began the treasure hunt. I spotted frozen flounder. Score. I placed it under cold running water for two minutes. Then I had to figure out what to put with it. I came up with tomatoes, red onions, orange peppers, and garlic infused cheese. I served it on a bed of polenta. Voila! The adults topped it with salsa. The kids just ate it topped with the alouette cheese spread and … [Read more...]

Polenta Recipe

I try each week to tackle motherhood, working, co-owning a business and trying to be creative in the kitchen. I have come a long way from thinking you boil the water for 7 minutes then you add the pasta sauce. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I would have a super picture for you of this great meal but I didn't have the card in my camera as I snapped away.  Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that but I got the family fed. This recipe was submitted by Heather.  This was super yummy and … [Read more...]

Chicken Pot Pie

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Today is my little girl's birthday so we are having one of her favorites "pie". This recipe for "pie" is from our great friend Gina. It is an easy to make Chicken Pot Pie 8oz cream cheese, cubed ½ c chicken broth 1 can chicken (I use leftover ckn) Can or bag mixed veggies 1 packet Good Seasoning Italian Dressing Mix 1 refrigerated pie crust 1st: Preheat oven to 425. 2nd: Cook cream cheese and broth until cream cheese is melted, stir often. 3rd: Mix with chicken, … [Read more...]

Baked Salmon Recipe

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  I guess I should share my recipe that my husband insists that I should send into the food network. He says watching all those shows have really improved my technique. I think he just wants me to cook a real meal every night.  I do try something new every week that is a start right? Here is what I did this week. I stole the recipe off the Bag of Frozen Salmon Fillets from Kroger and I made it my own. I look for inspiration everywhere. Set your oven to 400 degrees on … [Read more...]

Crab and Corn Chowder in the Crockpot

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  I love my slow cooker. I am on the search for great recipes that are easy. I try to read a magazine or two a week. One of my favorites is Family Circle. I decided for my Wednesday cooking adventure I would try their recipe for slow cooker crab and corn chowder. It was super. I would change a couple of things to make my life  easier the next time I make it. I would use frozen corn and I would double the batch. It made enough for two  dinners and one lunch. I didn't add the crab … [Read more...]