Quick Pizza


I do not pretend to be a cook. I do however have to cook. I love to make quick healthy dishes in minutes because with three kids I only have minutes. This is a favorite of ours. The photo was taken by my son. We love our cheese and bread. We love to make our [...]

Working Mom- What’s for Dinner?

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Well it has to be quick, cheap, and easy. This only applies to cooking not shopping. I enjoy making healthy meals while staying within our budget. I made Salmon with Pan fried potatoes and steam Asparagus. The salmon was $6.00 I brushed it with olive oil and pesto on my husband’s fish. My son can’t [...]

Working mom? What's for dinner? The remake

Okay so my resolution was to stop wasting time.. So I am going to focus on making every minute count. Making Every Meal Count is something that I am going to accomplish. I made a chick on Monday and I will remake this chicken on Wednesday night. It will become chili. Why? Well, I have [...]

Working Mom: What is for dinner?

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Crock pot ribs: I used beef ribs $4.85 I placed in 1 cup of water and 1 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray. I got it for free this summer. The I turned the crockpot on low and cooked the ribs for 6 hours. What is you favorite 5 ingredients or less recipe?

Working Mom What’s for Dinner? Tradition

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Happy Hannukah This is a very big night in our house. I will be making the traditional Latkes, Pot Roast, and then we will play the dreidal game. I think it is important to cook with your children. I know it is one of the things that remind me of my family. Here is my [...]

Easy Fondue

Here is the big secret in our house we disguise vegetables. The easiest way is to create a fun meal. We are going to have Fondue.. or “fun do”. It is quick and easy! 16 oz of cheddar cheese 1/2 cup of apple juice, wine, ¬†or beer 1/2 bar of cream cheese tsp of dry [...]

Fish and Veggies

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I Threw it Together Dinner of Fish and Veggies I had 20 minutes and soccer to content with. I opened the freezer and began the treasure hunt. I spotted frozen flounder. Score. I placed it under cold running water for two minutes. Then I had to figure out what to put with it. I came [...]

Polenta Recipe

I try each week to tackle motherhood, working, co-owning a business and trying to be creative in the kitchen. I have come a long way from thinking you boil the water for 7 minutes then you add the pasta sauce. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I would have a super picture for you [...]