Ebates Review


Ebates ReviewI need to buy lipstick. I learned MAC was not going to sell my lipstick anymore. I opened up my account on Ebates because MAC is never on sale. I noticed Bloomies was having a sale and I would get 6% back on my purchase. That is 6% right off the bat. I really want a designer purse so I put the one I want in my cart just to see if I would get the special event pricing just for Ebates customer. ...

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Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic Review

disney on ice 2

Disney on Ice 100 Year of Magic Provides Fun for All Ages  I have been attending Disney on Ice shows since I was young and when I was older I took my younger brother and sister. I was so happy to have my own kids to take and we make sure we go to at least 1 show every year. There are always a few different shows  going on at the same time and this month the "100 Years of Magic" show came to the Palace of Auburn Hills,MI. ...

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NaturePedic Essentials Pillowtop Review


Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review  What makes the Naturepedic Organic Cotton 3" Comfort Topper in Queen the best. I am by no means an expert. I can tall you that I am very picky when it comes to where I sleep. I hate a bad bed. I do it makes the precious sleep that I strive for horrible. If you do not get a goodnight sleep that really effectives your health. I look for my bed to be comfortable, supportive, and safe.I was provided a mattress for my review. I actually met ...

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Blendtec Review


Disclaimer: I received a Blendtec for this review but opinions are 100% my own.Blentec Review I love my Blendtec. I had no idea it would be so easy to use. I find myself asking why didn"t I know about you before? I thought at it for a long time. I mean it is an expensive purchase. Then I made a smoothie and then I made ice cream. Then I made soup. I just kept making things and they were easy to make and healthy. I really strive to make dollars out of change. That means you can save money ...

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Gaming on Your Phone Just Got Better with Moga


 Moga is the Next Best Thing in Mobile Gaming  I have a husband and a son who love to play video games but find it hard to play their favorite games on their smartphones. This all changed when I received a to review. My husband accepted his assignment and even used it against me when I caught him playing video games. He told me on more than one occasion that he was doing "research". How could I argue with that?  ...

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Naturepedic PillowTopper Review

naturepedic 2

Get a Good Night"s Sleep with Naturepedic  My daughter has a comfortable bed I think but she is always saying ours is more comfy. I was not sure if that was because she wants to sleep in our bed or if she really thinks our bed is more comfortable than hers. This might not have mattered when she was a toddler but she is now 9. Our King size bed is only so large and with 3 dogs and 2 cats who wind up in our bed every night, space is valuable. When Naturepedic offered to send me a product to ...

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Fuel Rewards Network: Saving $$ At the Gas Pump


How much did it cost the last time you filled up your gas tank?  How many times a week do you fill ‘er up?  If you’re like me, you dread stopping at the gas station to fill up the tank which constantly seems to be pegging empty.I recently enrolled in the new Fuel Rewards Network™ program – or FRN™ program and am excited about the opportunity to save money each time I fill up my tank.  FRN offers many ways to earn rewards through my everyday purchases of things like food, clothing, and ...

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Bambo Nature Diapers Provide Coverage in an Eco-Friendly Way

Bambo Diapers 4

Being Green Doesn't Have to Stop When it Comes to Diapers Thanks to Bambo Nature DiapersWhen people hear of "Eco-Friendly" or "Green" Diapers, there first thought is generally that they will experience leaks and wake up in the morning to a soaked baby. After trying out Bambo Nature Diapers for a week,my sister reported that she was impressed that night time remained leak proof for my nephew. To answer the question about why Bambo Nature Diapers are different from other "Green" Diapers keep ...

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Andrew Marc

andrew marc

Andrew MarcIf you are looking for the latest upscale fashion in outerwear, shoes and accessories, that name means something to you. Andrew Marc means quality, modern style, uniqueness and luxury. It means the latest in fashion and trendsetting. His clothing is worn by celebrities and those with their eye on fashion. This season the cast of True Blood is outfitted in leather coats from his Fall line, which is set to launch any day now. ...

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