Landmark Resort Myrtle Beach SC


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. Landmark Resort Myrtle Beach SC The Landmark Resort is located oceanfront, giving guests easy access to the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but it also has many outdoor and seasonal indoor pool options. The water park is the perfect spot for warm weather fun for the whole family but the resort also offers a seasonally enclosed indoor pool area, including a 300 foot lazy river ride, a kiddie pool and separate kiddie ...

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The Journey of a Lifetime

Kia Soul

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. The Journey of a Lifetime This journey was sponsored by Kia And DriveSTI who sponsored my yellow Kia Soul. It was the perfect car to take on a journey of a lifetime or for that journey on everyday life. It all started in the very late 90's. I was a sister at the Alpha Xi Delta house at the University of Florida, "Go GATORS!" I met this special woman who I call Mom D. You can see my whole post about how her hugs changed my ...

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Twirly Girl Girls Maxi Dress Review

girls maxi dresses 2

Twirly Girl Girls Maxi Dress Review Open it up to find the beautiful girls maxi dress inside!  My daughter loves to dance and sing but finding dresses that can showcase her inner dancer can be hard to find. That is until I received a Twirly Girl Maxi Dress to review. I was impressed with Twirly Girl's Maxi Dresses from the moment I browsed their website but the true test for me is always what my daughter thinks.  ...

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Bibi’s Patisserie


What a privilege to learn about Bibi's Patisserie when I went to the Allergen free wellness event. Bibi's Patisserie Tea House offers many different delicacies.                       Many different companies specialize in dairy free OR gluten free OR diabetic friendly OR vegan OR nut free- Bibi's Patisserie meets ALL of those dietary needs! With so many specialties and over 1000 + items and flavor combinations this is one ...

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Braun Forehead Thermometer Review


Braun Forehead Thermometer Review When my kids are sick, I want answers fast.The first thing I need to know is if they are running a fever. Oral thermometers can take time and when they are little it can be difficult. I used to use an ear thermometer but when my daughter had ear infections, it wasn't accurate. My old forehead thermometer would give me different readings every time so when I received the chance from @Influenster to review the Braun Forehead Thermometer, I was ready to put it ...

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Jewelry in Candles Review

Jewelry in candles 1

Jewelry In Candles Review I have an obsession with candles. I must have them and I hide them away so my husband really has no idea how many are in the house. I can't help myself and buy them for many reasons. They look good, I like the jar, the scent, and even the price. Don't take me to a candle sale unless you want to explain to my husband where the candle came from. That is why I was so excited when I heard of Jewelry Candles. Delicious Smelling, Long Burning candles with a prize in side.  ...

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Smile While You Shake It with Honey Bunches of Oats

Honey Bunches of Oats

Disclosure: I receive compensation from Honey Bunches of Oats for my participation in this campaign. I'm a part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. Smile While You Shake It with Honey Bunches of Oats I'm so excited because today together with some of my friends, I will host a fun Smile While You Shake It with Honey Bunches of Oats event. We're going to have amazing time trying out cereals, playing games, win prizes and shaking our body to the beat of the fun Smile While You Shake It ...

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Shark Rocket Review

Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket Review I am always vacuuming at my house because the floors are constantly dirtied by children, husband and dogs. We have 3 dogs ofour own and are always fostering a dog or two. Then you add 2 cats and there is always dirt, hair, and fur on my floors. I need a vacuum that can keep up with the mess but also is easy to operate and carry from floor to floor. The Shark Rocket Vacuum arrived on a particularly busy day and everyone fought to be the first one to use the Shark Rocket.  ...

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Stacy’s Chips Review and Giveaway


Stacy's Chips These unique Stacy's Chips flavors can be eaten from the bag, served at your next Holiday party, given as a Hostess gift with Gifts in jars dip or simply eaten with a meal!  Stacy's chips are made by twice baking thin slices of bakery bread for a crisp chip full of flavor.  You may wonder why I say "eaten from the bag" when you see Stacy's chips come in boxes! Well, inside those boxes are not only a cute message (look on the inside of the lid) but also a second layer of ...

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