Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward I decided two things the first thing is it is important to thank the people in our lives for being who they are. The other thing we need to do more of is just "make someone's day" just because we can. I thought I would share a little bit of my life with you. This is me trying to work. This is normally what my life looks like and I wouldn't traded it for the world. In this little place on the web I have the ability to help a lot of people. This site has given me the … [Read more...]

Campus Book Rentals Pay It Forward Back to School Backpack Challenge

I believe that the children are our future. I believe that we each have the power and opportunity to make a difference. We each have the same time each day but some of us use it wisely while other squander it away. I know that as a teacher the deciding factor between a student that excelled and one that didn't was having someone behind that student that believed in them. … [Read more...]

White Cloud: A Soft Place To Land

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I just got back from school supply shopping and to say I was shock at what I spent was an understatement. I used coupons and I used the sales flyers and basically my credit card was also used. I bought the majority of my supplies at Walmart because it is easy. That brings us to the image above with the mom and the tissues. I also bought White Cloud Facial Tissue because it was … [Read more...]

Buy a book, provide clean water!


Buy a book, provide clean water!   Did you know 320 million Africans are without access to clean water? 320 million. That is a HUGE number of people that don't have access to something most of us take for granted. Without clean water.... It leaves communities in poverty Water-related diseases take the lives of 2,000 children daily Many people spend 20 hours a week hauling water to their homes and poverty spreads HIV/AIDS and other diseases quickly So what can we do to … [Read more...]

Shop and Help Toledo who was a victim of Pitbull Dog Fights

pitbull dog fighting shirts

Toldeo a victim of PitBull Dog Fights Needs Your Help As many of you know,I-Gwen,work with an animal rescue in Detroit, MI. I currently am fostering 12 pups and 2 females. My heart broke the other day when I seen pictures of poor Toledo. Toledo had been used as a bait dog in pitbull dog fights in Detroit. She was rescued by a wonderful volunteer. She has extensive physical and emotional trauma. This poor girl was never given a chance and now must learn to live after being a victim of pitbull … [Read more...]

Life of a Furry Foster Parent :One Stop on the Road to A Fur-Ever Home

furry foster parent

The Journey as a Furry Foster Parent is never Predictable and full of Emotion! My Kids and our Furry Foster Failure (Brownie) If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I have become an animal pushover. I don't know if my attitudes have changed or if I have just given up fighting my first instinct to say NO! My husband has always enjoyed snakes and I had informed him ,over 10 years ago when we met, that I was not a snake person. There is only one thing I despise more than a snake and that … [Read more...]

Things I Love

Things I Love

Things I Love I thought I would take today and write a list of things I love. You see we often run around and do not sit down to reflect on everything we have been given. We hope and dream for more when most likely everything we need is right in front of us. I hope that you will share what you love in the comment section and that you will take your list or mine when you are feeling down and remind yourself that it will pass and there is more to be grateful for than not. This list is not in any … [Read more...]

Pay It Forward Friday: Help Find These Missing Persons 12/7/12


For our Pay It Forward Friday this week, Madame Deals' wants to do something to help find missing persons. We want to extend a hand by providing exposure to help people find their loved ones. In case you've seen one of these persons please contact their family and friends immediately. On the other hand, if you know anyone who's missing please leave a comment below this post by providing some info. … [Read more...]

$100 Story Paying it forward

$100 story

I know that as I sit here in my house with my family asleep upstairs that I am grateful. I am grateful each day that I am in a position to help. It wasn't long ago that I taught school. I gave up teaching and stayed home to raise my children. This site began as a way to teach people and help people. It has helped me and I believe in paying it forward. I am a person that believes we each have the power to do something to help others. You can see how this whole $100 story started in my $100 … [Read more...]

Paying it Forward one $100 Story at a time

$100 story

If you have followed by blog there are two things you should know. I blog to have a place to be myself and share. I am an over "sharer" by nature. I also want to figure out a way to use my skill set as an entrepreneur to help others. It is very important to me to do more for others. I am sure we all have the desire to help others but we often think well I do not have anything to offer. The truth is we each have the ability to help others the only question is how to get started. The answer is … [Read more...]