Lost Wedding Ring

lost ring

Lost Wedding Ring .   It was a long time ago that my husband found a lost wedding ring. He picked it up when he was in his teens. I first noticed it around 15 years ago. I was looking through a bunch of stuff in my husband's room in college. He had a jar full of random items. I came across this ring. It was gold and it had an inscription inside. I asked where he had found it. He said the beach. He wanted to know if it was worth anything. I said, "yes, to the person who owns it." He had no ...

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Broken Heart


If it often said that the heart is the muscle that can be hurt the deepest. It is also the most resilient. I find Facebook to be a place of both deep sadness and overwhelming happiness. I mean Facebook killed a friendship of mine.  You see one of the things bloggers do not talk about often is how we get our work done. Blogging is a very difficult job and you often feel as if you are on your own island. You believe you get it and the whole system changes overnight because of some update by ...

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Daily Quotes of Inspiration


  Daily Quotes of Inspiration  This is the year that I decided I would own the fact that I inspire others. I know that is pretty brash to say you have the power to inspire. The truth is I have Klout. I used to be a teacher in the classroom but now I have expanded my reach. I using my gift to help my children grow, my marriage prosper, and my readers become the people they want to be. I am not about fluff in fact I have been told I am blunt. I guess some people like the wrapping paper but ...

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Donate Used Cars: Where to Donate My Car

Where to Donate My Car

Donate Used Cars - Where to Donate My Car Donate Used Cars: Where to Donate My Car Do you have a used car that you don't need anymore? You may want to consider donating your used vehicle to charity. By donating you avoid the hassles associated with selling it, avoid the potential of repair costs, help a worthy cause and score a tax deduction at the same time. Donate car for tax credit - You can use the price the charity got for your car in a sale as the amount of your deduction, this is ...

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Small Things Make Big Difference

small things make big difference

Thought Provoking Thursday Do you believe that Small Things Make Big Difference? If you were given a chance to help someone else, how will you do it and who will you give it to? This is the challenge that Amee aka MadameDeals gave to us this week. This is called the Envelope Project! The goal is to take a moment to help someone else. Amee gave us each $10 to give it to someone and report back on what we did and how it made us feel. We want to show you how small things make big difference, ...

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Good Deed Quotes


Good Deed Quotes I often think of  Good Deed Quotes and they remind me to pay it forward. I believe that with every action there is a reaction. If you do something from your heart. Then I truly believe other people will also do the same. I decided I would test my theory. I offered $1 to 10 people and asked them to do something kind for someone else. You can see what they did as part of my $100 story. It did however get me thinking if we are reminded to do good is that enough? If we read ...

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Stand up to Domestic Violence with the Allstate’s Foundation Purple Purse Campaign


Stand up to Domestic Violence with the Allstate’s Foundation Purple Purse Campaign Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with The Allstate Foundation and MomSelect. This is something that is near and dear to my heart, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Did you know 74% of Americans personally know someone who is or has been abused? That number is something that needs to be changed and fast! October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic Violence is a ...

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Adopt Don’t Shop For Your Next Furry Friend

adopt don't shop 3

Give a home to a friend who needs you most - Adopt Don't Shop! I am a big supporter of dog rescues and our family is very involved with a local rescue. We are not only supporters with money but we foster animals, work with  TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programs for feral cats, volunteer our time and so much more. It is a very rewarding experience but what makes it all worth it is when we are able to take an animal to their New Adoptive Home.  ...

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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward     It is that time of the week again. It is  Pay It Forward Friday. I take this time and this day to remind you to do more than your part. I know we are all busy. I resemble that remark 24/7. I decided I would share what I do for my pay it forward. It doesn't have to happen on Friday this is just the day I put on my calendar to share. Yes, I have a calendar I am so type A it has everything on it. I took on a new job. I think my husband almost fainted when I told him what ...

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Campus Book Rentals Pay It Forward Back to School Backpack Challenge

I believe that the children are our future. I believe that we each have the power and opportunity to make a difference. We each have the same time each day but some of us use it wisely while other squander it away. I know that as a teacher the deciding factor between a student that excelled and one that didn't was having someone behind that student that believed in them. ...

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