The Love Drop #4 – The Kahlen Family

Here's an update of Love Drop #3 Last month the Love Drop Team raised over $2,800 for Katie, on top of dozens of gifts and services sent in from all across the country.  And more importantly, she was surprised with 15+ friends who literally showed up at her house to celebrate with her.  You can watch the final Drop video here. The love drop plan will start all over again and this month they are coming together for the Kahlen family who have been hit hard by the economy, and by their daughter's … [Read more...]

Reminder: Expired Coupons for troops!


It is that time to clear out my Coupon Solution and do something good with my expired coupons. You can also donate your coupons to the Military. I was able to send 21 lbs of coupons last month. Thanks to the people in my town! You can Grab the addresses HERE if this interest you! This is a great project for everyone. The base that I said my coupons to has the girl scout troop sort the coupons! … [Read more...]

Helping our troops: Making care packages by couponing

I was asked to participate in making care packages by We Love Coupons. I of course said yes! I am not only mom, hun, babe, Mrs, but the wife of a Naval Officer and the daughter of a Marine. If you would like to help as well click here it is FREE! Please, get as many people as you can to help. The Officer that started the program was on a ship that I have been on board.  (You can like this post on facebook and ask your friends to help out) Thank you! … [Read more...]

Lush Paint by The Bottle

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The painting party! I had a great time. I promised I would post this for you. The cost was $35 which was well worth the three hours of instruction, supplies, and peace and quiet! If you would like to host your own event you can find them on facebook, by phone, or their web address. They dontated a percentage of the fee to the churches' school.  Oh yeah, no talent required! Phone :  434.249.4919 Website: Painting by the Bottle … [Read more...]

Local Fire & Rescue "Thinks Outside the Box"

Kenny George, a volunteer with the Fluvanna County Rescue Squad, was thinking outside the box when he wrote a letter to theChive blog, in the hope of raising some much needed money for this all-volunteer rescue squad.  He wrote: I'm a loyal Chiver contacting you for help. We are one of the last all-volunteer rescue squads in the state of Virginia. We run Thanksgiving and Christmas, give up time with our families, and we're are running out of options. I wonder if there is someone in this country … [Read more...]

The Love Drop- Give a few

I wanted to give you an update on my Love Drop Post. What happened to Jill and her family? Last month the Love Drop Team raised over $2,500 and boxes after boxes of goods and items to help Jill and her family get through a hard time in their lives (homelessness & financial worries). We did this in 1 month. All 400+ people came together and gave a few bucks each to impact one family's life. If you participated in this, THANK YOU. The final presentation can be seen here. I personally know the … [Read more...]

Boost Coupons to help Cancer Patients

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I love helping people. I think coupons are something anyone can help collect. The coupon for Boast can actually help people with cancer. I appreciate that Lara at A Frugal Chick shared this with me. This is an unbelievably cool chance to use coupons to help some cancer patients! I just went online and did some research and there are several posting boards talking about the benefits of drinking Boost while going through chemotherapy.  Because of the extreme weight loss often experienced, … [Read more...]

The Love Drop: It only takes a minute to make a difference

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you collected all your friends and each added something into a bucket? The goal I had for myself was  to help others. The give freely post will feed the hungry using products anyone can pick up using coupons. The Coupons for the Troop is a way to help our service men and women. The love drop program will enable all of you to throw something in the bucket to see the love you have for others rise! ------------------------ What Love Drop … [Read more...]

Coupon Donations: Support our troops

What are you going to do with your expired coupons? Did you know you can donate them to the military overseas. Check out my post here. You can enter our contest for 200 cut coupons and if you do not want them we will send them to the troop. I hope that you start a collection of expired coupons in your area for the troops. We currently have drop off points at the Fluvanna Library and Mailbox Express. … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond 12/2 to 12/5

The Bizarre Bazaar is happening in Richmond, Va on starting December 2, 2010. This is an event that I always enjoy going to! There are four buildings at the Richmond Raceway Complex full of crafts and unique gifts. It is a fun girls day out idea! The hours are 10am to 7 pm on Thursday through Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. Tickets are $7 each and there is a $0.50 printable coupon available to drop the price to $6.50! … [Read more...]