Why Buy Inserts?

Have you seen the deals for Insert Insanity and wondered Why Buy Inserts? Why Buy Inserts, especially if you already get them?! Insert Insanity and their sister site Wiz Clipz are stationed in Florida.  They always get higher value and more coupons than I do locally.  Here is an example from a recent HOT coupon weekend.  You can still get these 10/13/13 HOT coupons and deals through Insert Insanity. Red Plum 10/13/13 Wiz Clipz and Insert Insanity (Florida)  compared to the Red Plum … [Read more...]

CVS Rolling Rewards Scenarios 11/3/13

Get the most product for your money using these CVS Rolling Rewards Scenarios for week of 11/3/13. CVS Rolling Rewards scenarios are great for beginners learning how to roll their rewards.  If you are not a beginner use these scenarios to make sure you are getting the best deals this week! Wiz Clipz links are added for the coupons that are available.  Note:  If you do not need any of these products, consider donating to food banks , children's homes and or schools!! Transaction 1: Buy (1) … [Read more...]

Why? Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event


Why go to a Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event? If you have wondered what a Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event is, or why you should attend if given the opportunity then this is the post for you! Guess where I went today? Yes, as indicated above- a Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event.  What exactly is that? Well, I wasn't sure I would be able to show my children when I found this as I approached the event site.  We sat for over 30 minutes waiting on this Juvenile diabetes … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack

Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack for October and the first of November is ready! Get your Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack- you will have all the coupon inserts with none of the hassle of getting papers each week! Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile pack has all the October coupons as well as the new coupons for this weekend (November 3, 2013).   The Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile pack  also has a special bonus of a $10.00 Wiz Clipz credit for the  sister site that … [Read more...]

CVS Real Deal


CVS Real Deal shopping can be fun! Using a scenario to be more prepared for transactions can lead to CVS Real Deal shopping. I always check drugstore scenarios before heading to the drugstores.  My goal is to have the least out of pocket amount for the most product.  I only want product that I can use or donate not something to fill a shelf or space in my house! After determining what items are the best Real Deals for the week I check what coupons are needed and if I have those coupons.  Then … [Read more...]

New HOT Publix coupon


Don't miss this HOT Publix coupon. This HOT Publix coupon is only for specific counties. See the Publix HOT coupon coming out this weekend that is available through Wiz Clipz for early ordering.  They will not ship till 11/3/13 but you can order yours now and avoid running around looking for a newspaper that may or may not have the coupon in it!  Be sure to check the listing to see if this HOT Publix coupon can be used in your county! Be sure to get it quick, the coupon expires … [Read more...]

Kindle on Your IPAD

kindleipad 005

Want to read from Kindle on your IPAD ? Use this Kindle app to read, borrow, and share books.  Have Kindle on your IPAD. Here is how to read Kindle on Your IPAD:  When you go to the IPAD app store, search Kindle.  This is the app icon you are looking for: Click on it and you will see this screen.  Push the Free button then it will change to an Install app button.  Push the Install app button. A pop up screen asks for your Apple ID password.     After … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Movies on Ipad

amazoninstant 003

Amazon Prime Movies can be watched on the IPAD! Did you know that you can watch Amazon Prime free Movies on your IPAD as well as your Kindle Fire? Ok, so I have Amazon Prime and want to enjoy the free videos on my IPAD. I went to the Apple APP store on our IPAD home screen.  Put "Amazon Prime" in our search box.  We found two options.  The one you need  is actually called Amazon Instant Video. When you click on the app you should see this:   This screen shot says "update" … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity FLASH sale


Insert Insanity FLASH sale- good till 3 pm EST!EXTENDED till midnight!! Hurry to Insert Insanity FLASH sale to get this deal that will be SHIPPED TODAY! ********* UPDATE:  Extended till midnight, will ship on Saturday 10/26.  ********* Insert Insanity FLASH sale price is $10 off the list price AND ships today.  This Big Daddy Stockpile pack will only be available while inventory lasts. It also has a special bonus of a $10.00 Wiz Clipz credit for our sister site that deals with clipped … [Read more...]

Speedo for Winter Wear!


Speedo has many new arrivals for your excercise winter wear! Think Speedo is only bathing suits? See their new arrivals for winter wear sports! New Arrivals + Free Shipping Over $100 at SpeedoUSA.com! 30% off Sitewide at SpeedoUSA.com! Use code FFSPD3. Ends 10/27. My children LOVE Speedo goggles- and now is the time to get them and other summer swimming supplies.  While the winter wear is in the new arrivals and is eligible for the 30 % off sitewide  and free shipping on orders over … [Read more...]