Make Money With Community Garage Sales

Community Garage Sales

 Make Money With Community Garage SalesEveryone has stuff lying around their house that they say they need to go thru. From the kids clothes that have been outgrown to items in the kitchen that are never used, your house is a trove of treasure that is waiting to be turned into cash. By following our tips you can successfully sell your belongings to your friends, neighbors, and strangers who stop by and Make Money with Community Garage Sales.  ...

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Get Kids to Save Money: Jobs Kids Can Do

Get Kids to Save Money

Get Kids to Save MoneyOnce children are old enough to understand the concept of money, they are old enough to learn ways to make money. There are always jobs kids can do, particularly jobs around the house.In our family, each child is assigned age-appropriate chores to complete each week.  They are not provided an allowance for doing these chores.  Here are some ideas for toddler chores and school age kid chores.If our kids would like to earn some money, we keep a list of ...

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Making Money Sell Consignment

making money sell consignment

Making Money Sell Consignment Trying to find ways to make money only requires a look thru your closets and drawers to come up with a pile of clothes and belongings that you can Sell Consingment.  With just a few easy steps you can turn this pile of clothes and belongings into cash to use towards your next vacation, pay off bills or put away for a rainy day. To get the most money for your time and belongings follow these tips to get started on Sell Consignment.  ...

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5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs


5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share something fun! My list of 5 Fun Top High Paying Jobs! If you are looking for a job that you could enjoy, but also be able to pay the bills, then these jobs might be for you! These 5 fun top high paying jobs are in a number of different fields, and there might be something perfect for you in this list!  ...

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Selling Stuff on Amazon

selling on amazon

Making Money Monday - Selling Stuff on Amazon     I love shopping on Amazon and often times find amazing deals on things I can't find anywhere else. Not long after I started shopping on Amazon I realized that I could make extra money by Selling stuff on Amazon. The favorite shopping site also is a popular way to make extra money on items you have lying around your house. This is a win/win situation as you are able to provide a deal and product to someone who is searching and ...

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Benefits of Amazon Music Samples

amazon music samples

Benefits of Amazon Music Samples There are so many places on the internet where you can download or purchase CDs of new and old music. However, for me there is only one place that I will buy music from and that is Amazon. I began to use the Amazon Music Store because I was interested in the Free Amazon Music Samples. I continued to use the Amazon Music Store because of the many benefits that Amazon Music Samples offer.   ...

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Amazon Music Samples

Amazon Music Samples 2

Amazon Music SamplesThere is nothing worse than buying and downloading a new song  only to find out it is the wrong song, wrong version of the song, or it isn't sung by the performer you thought it was. I also dread buying an entire album only to find that there are only a few songs I want to listen to. Most people do not even by the CDs anymore but rely on digital copies they can sync to all their electronic devices so they always have their playlists available and ready to listen to. I ...

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Best Free Samples


Making Money Monday: Best Free SamplesBest Free Samples Do you love getting freebies? I do and it's such fun to receive free samples in the mail. To be honest a lot of times, I completely forgot that I signed up for a freebie and after few weeks I get surprised whenever I receive free coupons and product samples. By getting several freebies I get to save money, so today on Making Money Monday we're sharing with you the latest freebies by giving you a round-up of the best free samples ...

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