Get ready for the holidays with your free iMyne membership!


Get ready for the holidays with your free iMyne membership! Have you heard of Imyne? The holidays are fast approaching, can you believe there is only 9 more Fridays until Christmas!? Are you thinking about what gifts you are getting for your friends and family yet? I know I am, and I know I'm going to save some money and help a good cause while I do it! How you ask? With my iMyne account! iMyne is a company that wants to help you save some money on your online shopping, and it wants to give … [Read more...]

How to Get Rich In 5 Minutes a Day

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How to get rich in 5 minutes a day I know we all hear of the "get rich" schemes. We all eventually hope to "get rich". We hope to be at a point in our lives where we do not wait for anything. The place that we feel happy. We have become a society that equates that with monetary riches. How to get rich in 5 minutes a day I gave  you my how to save up money tips. I also shared with you tips on living on 30,000 or less. I  showed you frugal ways to get out of Debts. I didn't really give you the … [Read more...]

6 Keys to a Successful Yard Sale


6 Keys to a Successful Yard Sale Having a yard sale is a great way to declutter your house and make a few bucks in the meantime, but if you don't keep these important things in mind, you could actually lose money!  Yard sales are a lot of work but trust me, the more time you invest, the higher your financial return.  I have made over $1,000 at my yard sales just by taking the time and following these 6 Keys to a Successful Yard Sale. … [Read more...]

Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program

Trade in program

Clean out Clutter and Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program When you look around your room you will probably find cds, movies, textbooks, video games and even electronics that you are not using. These items are not only taking up space they are losing their value every day you keep them. You don't have to lose out on money because Amazon has a great program available that will pay you for your stuff. … [Read more...]

Financial Success

financial success

Financial Success Financial Success is the meaning behind the mailbox. It all started over 4 years ago. We found out we were having a baby. That was a wonderful gift. Then the mommy guilt set in. We were able to provide for our first child but not for our second. I do not mean the necessities I mean the extra gift I wanted to give. You see I am a teacher by trade and I believe one of the greatest gifts you can provide for your child is an education. I believe that planning for our children's … [Read more...]

$5 Savings Plan

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$5 Savings Plan The question that people ask me all the time is how do you save money? That is really a loaded question because I do not SAVE money. I actually do not spend the money I have. That is the real difference it is not spending the money you have. That brings us to the $5 a day challenge. I am challenging you to think of ways you can save just $5 a day using the $5 Savings plan. I am sure you are thinking I do not have $5. That may be true. In fact last night I was frantically … [Read more...]

Quick Rewards! Earn Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards!!! Easy Money!

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Quick Rewards gives you an opportunity to earn some extra cash! There's no minimum to cash out when you earn too! Cash out as often as you would like! Here's your change to earn Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards! (I am already thinking of extra Christmas Cash!) Ways to Earn: - Shopping (competitive cashback rates; shop today and get paid cashback via PayPal within a week) - Completing surveys (daily surveys and additional targeted surveys) - Reading emails - Performing searches - … [Read more...]

Domestic Diva: Takes on the Laundry

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  I was elated to find out that Martha Stewart was a fraud. I mean she isn't perfect. I am far from perfection but I always pictured her having the right everything for every occasion. I have my moments of greatness and several that are pitiful. I did however decide once a week I will cook a different meal  which appears in my Wednesday column and I am now adding Domestic chores to my list of talents. This week I will attempt to tackle the laundry. The laundry pile is larger than my son … [Read more...]

How Have You Saved Money This Week?

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Over the last few years, saving money has gone from being something I thought about on occasion to being second nature.  I decided to track the ways I saved this week. Before heading to the grocery store, I checked the Food Lion deals and printed coupons for many items on my list.  Savings $8.34 It was time for an oil change.  After making an appointment with our dealership, I used a ValPak coupon and paid for the service with our Owner Advantage Rewards.  This amounted to a FREE oil change!  … [Read more...]

The Art of Dating

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Is the Art of dating gone? Do we live in a world where it is okay to text someone to ask them out? The answer is "yes" for some girls. I am still the kind of lady that requires a phone call. I have had a rule that many have failed to follow and that is adore me or be gone. I have to say my husband still follows that same rule that won my heart almost 14 years ago. It is important to love the one you are with and adore them everyday. It is often difficult in our case with three children, work, … [Read more...]