Why I am divorcing my Bank


I mean this is what I get when I clicked on the blank that asks if you wish to see the images from a recent transaction. You read write they want to charge me to see an image that is save already. I forgot to write the check number down. I just want to see [...]

How I married my sugar daddy

Mattew's bday HI

It was a long time ago in a place called Pleasure Island.  Pleasure Island is located in Orlando. I am sure you can imagine what goes on there.  At Pleasure Island there were some Navy guys who were dancing with some sorority girls. They had a great time and it was so wonderful that they [...]

Iphone: The best app is

The best iphone app Find My iPhone – Apple I just lost my iphone. I was freaking out. I looked everywhere. I tried calling it from my laptop using skype. I remembered that my ringer was turned off. This was going to be a big mess. You see we do not have a home phone [...]