Endless: Fashion you can’t find elsewhere


   I have a big fat secret. I become fashion obsessed with clothes. The item above was my obsession. I saw it at my local department store. It was out of my budget but I know that some times there are sales. I also hadn't finished saving for my big spring purchase. I have a jar full of change and every season I dump and splurge. If I want something this expensive I drop clothes off at the consignment shop to make up the difference. I fell in love with this Kate Spade purse. I searched high and … [Read more...]

Why I am divorcing my Bank


I mean this is what I get when I clicked on the blank that asks if you wish to see the images from a recent transaction. You read write they want to charge me to see an image that is save already. I forgot to write the check number down. I just want to see what it was. I hate paying for good service. They make money off of my money that is in savings. The make money while my money is in their bank and if I want to look at it then they are going to charge me.... this ranks up there with trying to … [Read more...]

How I married my sugar daddy

Mattew's bday HI

It was a long time ago in a place called Pleasure Island.  Pleasure Island is located in Orlando. I am sure you can imagine what goes on there.  At Pleasure Island there were some Navy guys who were dancing with some sorority girls. They had a great time and it was so wonderful that they decided to meet the next week. I thought that there was one guy that was especially attractive and when I found out he had mad cash. I was all over him like ants to honey. I only dated hot rich guys. You know I … [Read more...]

Saving Circle: Gift cards 20% off

gift cards saving circle

  Okay so the way I stay on budget is I buy gift cards. I also earn them using Superpoints ($3,000 so far). I decide what we need I create an envelop and I fill it with gift cards. These are items on our wish list. We are currently working on saving for the holiday so when I was able to get a toys r us gift card for only $20 instead of $25. I bought it.  We also go to CVS to snag their great deals when they have some so I now have $5.00 off which I can use with the spend $25 get $5 off which … [Read more...]

Why I left my purchases at the big box bullseye store

You all know I hate poor processes and customer service. I believe that every store needs to make it easy for a person to shop in their establishment no matter how big their operation. I won several giftcards using superpoints. You can sign up here since it is FREE to sign up for Superpoints.  I had $100 in egiftcards to the bullseye store. I gathered all my purchases and I went to pay using my egift card in my cellphone. I then read further and saw I had to deposit this in  "mobile" account. I … [Read more...]

Iphone: The best app is

The best iphone app Find My iPhone - Apple I just lost my iphone. I was freaking out. I looked everywhere. I tried calling it from my laptop using skype. I remembered that my ringer was turned off. This was going to be a big mess. You see we do not have a home phone and I really hate driving anywhere without my cell phone. I was so glad I installed this app it showed me that my phone was indeed at my house then I sent a chime to it until I was able to find it! I love it! Find My iPhone - … [Read more...]

Target is better than Louis Vuitton

   I was so excited today. I was going to buy the Louis Vuitton bag that I have been saving for over the last 15 months. I made sure that all of my other responsibilities have been taken care of and are paid in full and ahead of schedule. You see I am a spend it "all" kinda of person. You read right I spend every penny I make each month. If I have $5 left in my account then I spend it. I spend it on my future (savings account, IRA) or I spend it on my children's college fund. I have even spent … [Read more...]

Chutzpah: I have to say this is not okay


We are huge fans of using coupons to get the things you need. If we all use coupons we could all save some money. It is imperative to use coupons correctly. It is imperative to use coupons that were actually created by the manufacturer. I am currently researching if this is indeed a real coupon. I also want to know if you can use a bunch of them in one transaction like this person did. I doubt it. I also can't believe he put it on youtube. Wow,  that is CHUTZPAH! … [Read more...]