Free Money

Let's go shopping!

Okay, I like free money. I found a way to get more for my money without using a COUPON. I know fall over but I have a method to my madness. I use gift cards. I buy them from Plastic jungle. I save from 5%-20% off. I call that free money. This week I bought $100 worth of cards at JcPenny and I save $25. I also bought $100 to Build a Bear gift card for my son's birthday party and I saved $12. I also saved money using my Discover Card I bought everything on it this money and I got paid cash back … [Read more...]

Sedu Review

Sedu Review I am on a quest to find the best blow dryer. I tried the Sedu Revolution 6000i Hair Dryer. It boost a motor that is more powerful so it didn't need the additional wattage. I liked the T3 better but that one had its limitations as well. It did dry my hair quickly as you can see in my video but it wasn't the dryer for me. I just wasn't in love and for over $100 I need to be in love with the dryer. The blow dryer has Electronic ionic on/off switch: one for a sleek and … [Read more...]

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Okay, I have a secret I have a blog crush. You read right. I love the site The Bloggess.  This site is what a naughty magazine is to a thirteen year old boy. That may be a poor analogy or bring memories or thoughts up that I am not referring to. I love this site and her book. I do not read the book when my kids are around or my husband for that matter. It is the guilty pleasure that you give yourself when no one is around do not defer to the 13 year old boy comment. I am thinking more about … [Read more...]

The Little Doll That Lost Her Head


    If you have a child then you have seen toys end up like this. I have a little girl who really wanted this very doll. She was in love with this Lalaloopsy doll and we received her as a gift. We had her for a little bit and she went swimming, took baths, napped on pillows and received lip gloss. She also was loved and hugged and kissed often. I wasn't sure what to do when I found out she was beheaded. We tried several glue mixtures and none worked. We preformed surgery. Then I had an idea … [Read more...]

Save our Schools

Dear Mr. Kenney, Mr. Ullenbruch, and Mr. Weaver, It is not often that we are given a second chance to make something right after we’ve made a grave mistake. Your recent decision to cut over $2 million from the school budget was a grave mistake. The 11th hour decision came as a complete surprise to the School Board members, to two of your fellow supervisors, and to the community at large. Your “hardball politics” are viewed by some as borderline unethical. A good businessman would certainly … [Read more...]

The Summer Shape up

working out

I am a fitness queen in my mind. I am working on getting in shape for the summer. I figure I have about 3 more weeks until the bathing suit comes out of the drawer.  I admit I am thin but I am not in shape. There is a huge difference. When I wave the flab under my arm continues to wave. I have tried several at home exercise programs and I find that they are a great way to start my summer swimsuit plan. I need the flexibility to work out at home because of my children and my job. I also like to … [Read more...]

Making Memories Last

I am sitting by a pile of papers. These papers are filled with hours of effort and love from my children. I decided it would be a nice idea to make a college of my favorites for each child. Then I hope to preserve them in custom picture frames. I thought this would be a wonderful gift for Mother's day. I have everything I need and these pictures that were made with such love and consideration exemplify what Mother's day is all about. When I reflect on my life I know that the images  created this … [Read more...]

Working Mom: take one, two, and then there was three

I bet you think it must be easy to work at home. I thought I would show you an example of when I try to work at home. I asked the children to go to their playroom. I had a quick product review to do. I was thinking ten minutes top. I walked them upstairs played strawberry shortcake and trains. Then I went downstairs and I turned on my webcam. I got out the recordable book. I recorded it. Then these little footsteps came down the stairs. I figured I could let them help me. Well this is what you … [Read more...]

Chloe Purse $225 off


I decided I would make a huge virtual closet of all the purses I would like to own. I figure this may quench my desire to be a bag lady. It is also cheaper than filling my closet with the real thing.  I love Endless/ The have designer good for a steal this purse is $225 off of retail. Love this Chloe purse. You can check Endless out they have everything a fashion diva wants. Pin this post if your a fashion diva too. … [Read more...]

Domestic Diva Takes on the dishwasher


Homemade dish soap I love to find ways to save money. It is so easy to make your own homemade dish soap. Whenever I make something I make sure to place the instructions on the front.  Homemade dish soap Then I place the ingredients on the bottom to make sure I can replicate my mixture again. I grabbed this recipe from The Happy Lil Homemaker. It is just 4 cups of baking soda and 2 cups of borax. Then to insure the residue doesn't stick you place 1/2 cup of vinegar in the rinse area … [Read more...]