Politcal Debate

I know this has nothing to do with deal blogging. I am sure that it is totally inappropriate. I often am. I guess I love to ask to questions and people see that as rude. I see it as learning. I always said,"a question that is not asked is stupid and there isn't a stupid question."I write for Lifetime Moms because I get to write about things that I would love to debate. I always watch the news and wonder how things impact my family. I wish people would pay more attention to what is going on ...

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Madame Dealsism: Facebook Like


Dear Friends-If we are "friends" on facebook. I thought that most of you should know thatI also want to add that I feel guilty deleting you or un liking you because you didn't do anything wrong. I just got caught up in wondering if you had a job, were married, had kids, didn't serve time, still dressed like a hooker. You know I couldn't help but wonder about your life and you have given me the opportunity to set my mind at ease with a quick peak at your life. Facebook is little like ...

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Madame Dealsism- Extreme Couponing

extreme couponing slogan

I know that OCD is a real issue and so is hoarding. This is meant to be funny so do not get offended. I do believe that no matter how much money you make off a product by using coupons doesn't necessitate the need for more than you can hold. I also firmly believe that housing 5 years worth of anything is over the top when there are so many people who could really use what you are storing. If you extreme coupon than I hope you are also an extreme sharer. I enjoy coupon shopping and I hope you ...

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Madame Dealsism: The evolution of the cleaning tools


In life there are some things that become clearer to you as you have more children. The one thing that became increasing clear to me is the mess that children make increases at a substantial rate with each new addition. I decided to provide a chart of the cleaning tool evolution in our home.Pin it share it because its my life and I love it!You can see more of my dealsism here. ...

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Madame Dealsism: High School

quote 3

You know high school sucks. It does it doesn't matter if you were the prom queen or the band "geek." It wasn't like Glee. The chorus kids were not the cool kids. You were judged. You finally got a taste of the real world and it wasn't fun. You have friends and wonderful memories and we all survived. I love high school it taught me a lot about myself. I mean you have to have self confidence to launch a website and write quotes about your opinions which are usually not popular, but then again ...

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Madame Dealsism


Do you ever run into someone and they try to compliment you but they say something that isn't a compliment. I mean they are trying but well it isn't as nice as it could be. I wish people would just say you look nice instead they say you look nice after having three kids. This is my quote replacement idea, Pin this, share this, tweet this, goggle + but most importantly know its true! ...

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The Modern Mom


I am the modern mom. If you notice the baked goods above. I didn't have time to actually "make them" but presentation and taste is everything. Yes, cost is also involved and time is money so we picked these up at Sam's club. I couldn't make them for what I spent. I am also the modern mom because my house is a mess until 5:00 pm daily.  Then we play the clean up as fast as you can game. I hate to cook and do laundry but I do it daily. I got so tired of my children making messes that I bought a ...

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Free Money

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Okay, I like free money. I found a way to get more for my money without using a COUPON. I know fall over but I have a method to my madness. I use gift cards. I buy them from Plastic jungle. I save from 5%-20% off. I call that free money. This week I bought $100 worth of cards at JcPenny and I save $25. I also bought $100 to Build a Bear gift card for my son's birthday party and I saved $12. I also saved money using my Discover Card I bought everything on it this money and I got paid cash back ...

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