Holding Your Judgement

Holding Your Judgement

Holding Your Judgement I hope you are following my reveals column because you wanted to know more about me. I shared my journey into Greek Goddesses if you didn’t you can catch up. I decided today I would teach you a lesson about judgment. I am a teacher so it my duty to impart wisdom. [...]

Baby shower present guide

These are the items you really need. You may click on any of them to see their prices. I am a mom of three children. They are unique and wonderful. I wish I knew then what I knew now because my baby list would have looked a whole lot different then it did. These are [...]

How Madame Deals Works


Dear Friends, Family, and Readers, I am sure you all wonder how this whole blogging thing works? How do we make money? Well we make money by selling items, traffic through ads, paid reviews, and more. We work for tons of companies. You can see all of the companies  by clicking on the underlined words. [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Smell the Roses


This is my fourth project for photography class. I was asked to explore depth of field. I shot this image with a Camera: Canon Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/4000 sec Aperture: 2.8 Focal Length: 75mm Flash Used: No Latitude: n/a Longitude: n/a Photo Project #1 Photo Project #2 Photo Project #3 This is a rose from my garden. My [...]


thanksgiving pictures

  I was recently asked to explain why I am Thankful. That is a really loaded question. I really do not have anything not to be thankful for. I learned a long time ago that every minute counts and with every action you should think of the reaction. I know that being thankful isn’t as [...]