Dave Ramsey’s Guide to Budgeting FREE

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Do you want to get your budget on track for the New Year? You will definitely want to download this FREE Guide to Budgeting by Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is offering Dave’s Guide to Budgeting for FREE!! If you ever wanted a direct approach to getting out of debt and managing your finances you will [...]

Saving on Dental Bills

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Saving on Dental Bills Save on Dental Bills I am not sure if you have this problem or not but I have dental insurance and it never covers everything I get done. I have recently started calling around to see how close what a dentist charges matches what my insurance plan pays. I have some [...]

Saving on Heating Costs


Saving on Heating Costs Budget Savings Tip #6 Today I spent ten dollars. I am sure you are asking how did you save $5. The answer is simple I know that the $10 I spent will result in several $5 savings. What is it I did. Well we replaced the Weather Strip on the bottom [...]