Free & Reduced Price Cultural Events

Target wants to promote family involvement in art and cultural events. They are sponsoring events around the country at different museums, organizations and cultural events. Some of the events are free and others are offered at a reduced rate. If you live near a large city, you will find more events to attend. For our local area, Target is sponsoring a family night at the Children's Museum of Richmond. On April 16th from 5-7:30 pm, families can get in for $1 each! … [Read more...]

Stockpiling Diapers & Baby Products

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Over the last week and a half I have bought 10 packages of diapers and 6 tubs of wipes. By looking at the mountain of diapers, you might think that I was a mom to twins or triplets! Nope, just a mom who knows when to stockpile diapers. The wipes ended up being $0.99 a tub at Kroger last week. That is the lowest price I have ever paid for Pampers wipes. Since I had the coupons, I decided to stockup. For the diapers, I shopped at CVS and Rite Aid. Both stores had promotions for Huggies and CVS … [Read more...]

Dressing on a Budget by Hosting a Swap

This article is nothing new to our regular readers. We write about hosting swaps often. I wrote this article for Ideas That Spark and I wanted to share it with all of our new readers! Ideas That Spark: Mom2Mom Dressing Your Children on a Budget By Renae Chiovaro for Ideas That Spark Paying full price for children’s clothes is a strain on any budget. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your kids dressed nicely while staying in your budget. An easy way to get new clothes is to participate … [Read more...]

Effective Yard Sale Advertising

Last week we talked about Pricing Items for a Successful Yard Sale. Continuing with the Yard Sale topic, this week I want to discuss advertising. The location of your yard sale is one of the first things to consider. If you live in a rural area, hold your yard sale at a friend or families members house in a more populated area. Another option is to participate in a block or community yard sale. In our area there is community yard sale a few times a year. If you are a local, check out Lake … [Read more...]

Coupon Workshop April 8th

We have a new date for a Coupon Workshop! Date/Time: Thursday April 8th at 7pm Location: The Goodie Bag- Rte. 53 at Lake Monticello Price: $40- includes two hour class and MD Coupon Solution Learn how to cut your grocery bill by at least 50%. The coupon workshop is  a two hour class. You will receive a MD Coupon Solution which is our coupon organization system to meet all of your couponing needs! We truly feel that without a system, you will not be successful. Being organized is one key to … [Read more...]

Pricing Items for a Successful Yard Sale

My favorite time of year is coming around- yard sale season! My favorite pastime with my mom was waking up early and hitting the sales first thing Saturday morning. I have now started that tradition with my boys.When I was in elementary school, my mom was single. To make ends meet, we would often hold yard sales at our home or at the swap meet. She would gather unwanted items from friends and then resell them. As an adult, I have held more yard sales than I can count. Some to raise money for my … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Use Coffee Filters Instead of Paper Towels

Ways to Use Coffee Filters

Ways to Use Coffee Filters   Thank you to Mary for forwarding this e-mail to us! This information came from an e-mail chain letter. You know, the one's you usually delete because it is a forward? Well, this one actually had very useful information! I have mentioned previously how we have gone to cloth napkins and mostly cloth towels. On occasion I use paper towels for really yucky stuff. I am glad to know I have a cheaper option! 25 Ways to Use Coffee Filters Instead of Paper … [Read more...]

Are Generic Brands Cheaper Than Name Brand Items?

Generic and store brand products are on the rise. It is not uncommon to find a store brand product sitting right next to a brand name item. The term "generic" reminds me of being a teenager and not having the name brand jeans or eating the popular name brand snacks. My mom is frugal and had to be while raising seven kids. At one time, buying generic items meant reduced quality and taste. That is not so true any more. Sometimes you will find that a national name brand produces the store brands … [Read more...]

Coupon Database Tutorial

I added the coupon database to the site a few days ago. The coupon database was created and is maintained by Deal Seeking Mom. It is a wonderful resource for me and for all of you! The coupon database can be used to search for available coupons or find out where a coupon came from. Coupons are listed from newspaper inserts, magazines, home mailers and internet printables. While the database is updated on a routine basis, remember that printable coupons can change very quickly. On occasion you … [Read more...]

Start a Price Book to Track Rock Bottom Deals

One of the learning curves to couponing is knowing when to buy. Sometimes sales being advertised are not really sales at all. Just because an item is listed in an ad circular, does not mean it is on sale. Knowing the rock bottom prices of items you buy the most, is the key to reducing your grocery store budget. Even if you do not use coupons on food items, knowing your prices will save you money. Tracking prices takes a bit of effort, but it will be worth it! Sales run in 6-12 week cycles. That … [Read more...]