A Fabulous Day Trip

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Sensible Saver Sunday If you live in Virginia or ever come for a visit, then you have to take a trip to the Virginia Safari Park. We took a day trip today and had a wonderful time. We actually did not spend that much money either. We started the day getting a free breakfast at Burger King. My husband had two free breakfast croissant coupons he had won from a previous trip to Burger King. The bonus, on our receipts it says to call for a survey and you can earn a free whopper. Hummm, I wonder ...

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Grocery List

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Grocery List 10. Because you always forget the one item necessary to make that recipe. 9. Because if it is not on the list, it's a "NO". 8. Because your child just sneezed. Tissue, huh! 7. To relocate that pesky fly. 6. Because you are at the store and you don't know why. 5. To protect your cart from the extra junk food. 4. Mommy brain! 3. To distract the shopper next to you. While they pick up your list, you pick up the last sale item! 2. How else would you ...

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