I Survived Harris Teeter Super Doubles With 2 Kids

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At least that is what I feel like my shirt should say today! I sorted my coupons last night and realized that there are a ton that I would like to use at Harris Teeter for Super Doubles. With the limitation of 20 coupons per day, I knew I was going to have to drag my boys along and makes several trips. Today was trip one. I am so thankful for being organized as my boys were pushed to the limit today. I had other stops today before  Harris Teeter. They were ready for nap when we finally made it … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather's Tuesday Tips: Conserving Ultilities

Conserving Utilities As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, we as mom's wear many hats and there is a variety of things that fall under the umbrella of our responsibility. In my house, one of those things is trying to look for ways to conserve (time, money, energy) so that we might be able to pool our resources elsewhere. I learned long ago, that I only have 24 hours in my day - same as everyone else - however, if I approach the use of that time, wisely, then at the end of my day I am feeling … [Read more...]

Is "Easy" Better?

Yesterday I was out grocery shopping for a party I had last night. As I was going through the store, I was organizing in my head the many things I had to do before five o'clock. I wondered into the meat department thinking, "get chicken that is ready to go; make it easy". I had planned on chicken kabobs. Right there staring at me was kabobs already done. I was tempted but then looked at the price. Doing some quick math, I realized that it was not worth spending the majority of my grocery budget … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather makes a list

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Organizing & Taking Stock I am a list maker. Always have been, probably always will be. I say it is because I can't remember all that I have to do, when in reality, I have been a list maker as long as I can remember. I guess some people just are. That got me to thinking though; how do others of you manage some of the things in your house?  Summer is winding down for us here and the kiddos are going to be in school in less than a month (I know, collective groan from all the kiddos out … [Read more...]

A Fabulous Day Trip

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Sensible Saver Sunday If you live in Virginia or ever come for a visit, then you have to take a trip to the Virginia Safari Park. We took a day trip today and had a wonderful time. We actually did not spend that much money either. We started the day getting a free breakfast at Burger King. My husband had two free breakfast croissant coupons he had won from a previous trip to Burger King. The bonus, on our receipts it says to call for a survey and you can earn a free whopper. Hummm, I wonder … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather & Safety

We as moms wear many hats. I have heard it said - especially around Mother's Day - that if we were to be paid for all the jobs that we do for our family, that we would be the highest paid group of people. Think about it. You are organizer, cook, maid, laundry lady, nurturer, financial planner, travel agent,nurse, party planner, and so much more. With all of that going on, I look for some short cuts to help me do the jobs that I need and want to do for my family. Under the category of … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather Says Its the little things that count

Making a ScrapbookIts the little things that count. With all that is going on in the world today, I have really been thinking about making the little things count. We hear a number of times, especially when we are stressed or under pressure, " Don't sweat the small stuff" but sometimes, it's the small stuff that gets us through. ( In addition, stressed, is desserts spelled backwards :)The tips team and I have put together a number of ideas on how to have low to no cost time and experiences with … [Read more...]

It's not a chore to be Helpful Heather

Children and chores: Have you marveled, like me, how some women manage their household let alone with a LOT of kids? For sometime now, I have watched shows like "18 Kids and Counting" with Michelle Duggar and "John & Kate Plus 8" with Kate Goslin and wondered how they do all that they do in a day and not fall apart half way through? Now, I realize that we are only seeing snippets and there are many hands to help, but still, somewhere along the way, one has got to wonder, HOW do they do it? … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather A little This and That

Helpful Heather Is Just That! Here are some more super ideas that will make your life easier: Here are some quick tips that I have found useful: - Vinegar. Well, I have sung its praises before here and just this past week, found yet another use for it when I had some unwanted pests in my kitchen. Fruit flies. I searched and searched and couldn't find the usual suspect of a source (old fruit, etc) and although I wiped things down they still hung around my sink and drove me nuts. So, I headed to … [Read more...]

Helpful Heather

Kitchen Assistance - part two:      Last week we talked about how becoming part of a cooking co-op may save you some time in the kitchen. I also heard from readers that instead of participating in co-ops, they take the approach of doubling meals and freezing one. Other lessons I learned while doing a cooking co-op were: - meal planning - purchasing in as large a quantity as possible & reasonable  - re-package larger quantity into more user friendly portions - setting "theme" nights on the … [Read more...]