Cheap Cake Decorating

cheap cake decorating

Our budget saving tip for today is on cheap cake decorating! My tip is very simple and is perfect just in time for making some Valentine’s Day treats. Instead of buying different colored sprinkles, which you would just end up having lots of excess and unused for months. You can simply buy plain white sugar. [...]


Freecycle I love to recycle. I love to get things for FREE. That is why Freecycle is so wonderful. Freecycle is a website that allows people to offer items that are in god condition that they no longer want or need to others. People respond to the person offering the item. Then the person who is giving [...]

Cheap Mac Service

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 Cheap Mac Service I believe that time is money. I also believe that buying the right tools to get the job done is imperative to your success. I am a Mac girl. I do not often need my Mac Repaired.  I know that having a Mac repaired can be expensive. What I didn’t know is [...]