10 Things My Daughter Taught Me


10 Things My Daughter Taught Me Today someone asked me what the most important thing that I have taught my daughter was. I could think of quite a few things that I deemed pretty important, but I decided the most important thing that I have taught her so far was to be kind to everyone, no matter how different they are. (Easy to teach when your parent is covered in tattoos and crazy hair color huh?). But it got me thinking, people are always so consumed with what they have taught their … [Read more...]

Parent tips for Social Media


Parent tips for Social Media   Parent Tips for Social Media- Did you know that 22% of Teens and Preteens log on to their social media accounts more than 10 times a day? A day. Also, 75% of teens have personal cell phones. Today's youth are consumed with the idea of being able to share their lives via social media, and connecting with others. This can be a great thing, but also a dangerous one. With cyber bullying and catfishing running rampant on social  sites like  Facebook, … [Read more...]

Why I Video Taped My Daughter’s Tantrum


 How to Handle a Tantrum I would first like to start off saying parenting is a journey of self discovery. I am pretty sure last evening my daughter wanted me to discover how far my patience was going to take me. I was going to have to put into practice my skill set from teaching and think back to how to handle a tantrum because she was having on and it was epic. I truly believe there are two parenting strategies the first is escalating your behavior to meet theirs and the second is to act … [Read more...]