Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips Carpet Cleaning Tips-I don't know about you, but having 3 cats and a very messy 5 year old does horrible things to my cream colored carpet. Having a professional come out and clean our carpets is just not in our budget. So I tried some at home carpet cleaning tips and now I'm going to share with you the ones that worked the best! Carpet Cleaning Tips for your whole house: Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week or more in areas of heavy traffic. Frequent ...

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Learn Internet Safety with Cox’s Take Charge


Internet Safety My line of work involves being always online that's why my kids which are all under 10 wants to do the same, their favorite activity is using their gadgets and going online too. Nowadays kids have tablets, laptops, video game consoles, e-readers and other cool toys that have internet access. We can't deny our kids the opportunity to learn and use these latest technologies but as a parent I know that it is important to take charge and monitor my kids online activity, that's why ...

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Karla’s Korner: Nothing is Important


“Nothing” is Important…. After spending another weekend away from home attending a church conference, fighting crazy traffic for nearly four hours home, unpacking, doing a few loads of laundry I found myself searching for ideas to write about. I sat for nearly an hour staring at the blank computer screen wishing my brain would produce a page full of wise words to share with my weekly readers. But what happens when I can’t come up with anything? I continue to sit in quiet and wait for ideas to ...

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Rings On A Shoestring: Planning A Wedding On A Budget

wedding on a budget

Planning A Wedding On A Budget Are you planning your wedding? MadameDeals together with other bloggers in our group called The Money Mavens brings you our ebook, the Rings On A Shoestring: Planning A Wedding On A Budget. This book is a compilation of frugal tips to plan wedding events on a budget. We share our personal experience in planning our weddings, making this a useful resource for inspiring you from doing invitations, venue, wedding dress, wedding favors, floral arrangements, songs to ...

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Top 10 Places to Host a Birthday Party

places to host a birthday party

Plan the Best Party at These Places to Host a Birthday Party Birthday Parties are always fun for the birthday boy or girl but sometimes as the parent it can not be so fun. We spend weeks planning, organizing, cleaning, and before we know it the party is over and we didn't get to enjoy any of it. We clean our house again when it is all over and wonder what we can do different next time.  One of the best ways to cut down the stress is to host the party at an offsite location. Every place is not ...

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10 Things to Know Before Volunteering

know before volunteering

What you need to Know Before Volunteering I have recently learned the hard way that even when volunteering you need to do your research. My family has been volunteering and fostering with a local animal rescue since the beginning of the year. All the pictures of the cute puppies who needed help made my brain go to mush and I didn't look much further than the animals that needed help. Questioning and finding out how things worked and talking with previous volunteers never came to my mind until ...

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Partying with Friends at Blogher with SeaDog Cruises


Fireworks with Friends and SeaDog Cruises This summer at BlogHer, most of the Madame Deals Team will meet up in person. We will be joining a group of fellow bloggers and kicking off our stay with a Fireworks Cruise on SeaDog Cruises. We are all excited because for some of us this is our first time at BlogHer and for me personally I have only spent 1 day in my life in Chicago. So we are starting off our few days together with a Bang! SeaDog Cruises aren't just for groups. Check out all the ...

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Sesame Street introduces first character with a Dad in Prison


Sesame Street introduces first character with a Dad in Prison   Did you know that in the US 1 in every 28 children have a parent in jail? We have the highest incarceration percentage in the world. That is a scary fact. Sesame Street is addressing that head on with the introduction of Alex, the newest member of the puppet gang, who also happens to have a Dad in prison. Alex will not be a part of the regular cast, but his role is still very important. Alex will be playing a lead ...

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Karla’s Korner: A Lesson in Friendship


Friendship A Lesson in Friendship Last week I shared that my mother-in-law passed away and the feelings I had surrounding that time of sadness. On Thursday my family travelled to North Carolina to say our final good-byes to her and to spend time in grief and celebration of her life with family and friends. I have been fortunate not to have had to experience many funerals but each time I do I struggle with the finality of it all and find myself filled with “what if’s” or “I wish I had’s”. We ...

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Superbook Saturdays


 Catch them in action on Superbook Saturdays Join Chris, Joy and their robot Gizmo as they travel on an exciting adventure from Creation thru Revelation. Starting June 15th, CBS will air episodes of Superbook on its CBS-Owned Stations during primtetime. Superbooks began airing around the world in 1981. With it new award-winning animation series, families and children alike can take part in some wholesome, family friendly programming. Check out Superbook.TV where you'll find fun for the ...

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