How to Spring Clean your Closet

spring clean closet

How to Spring Clean your Closet Spring Clean What you Need: Permanent Marker 4 Trash Bags (preferably White) or boxes How to Organize: Before we start taking everything out, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Keep only items you have worn in the past year. Don’t keep anything that has holes (if you haven’t repaired it by now, you probably will not get to it), missing buttons or ties. Don’t keep anything that might fit in a few months (don’t kid yourself, get it out). Sell ...

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Karla’s Korner: Remembering, A Final Good-Bye


Remembering: A Final Good-Bye As I sit here alone in my bedroom I can barely see my computer screen. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart aches with sadness. My phone rang at 2:00 a.m. this morning (Sunday); it was my husband who was working out of town for the weekend telling me that his mother had just passed away. Dazed from sleep I muddled through the conversation desperately wanting to be with him at that moment. As I fell back into my bed, alone in the quiet of my home my mind ...

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Jupiter High School 20 year Reunion

jupiter high

Jupiter High School 20 year Reunion Okay, so here is where I totally date myself by announcing that I am attending my 20th year reunion. I can't believe it either. I think back to all the fun times I had in high school and I can actually remember them better than what I did yesterday. I guess my long term memory if much better than my short term memory. I can remember rides in golf carts that we were not supposed to take, gates we weren't supposed to open, breakfast we at Jim's , classes we ...

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Cheerios Commercial Controversy


Response to Cheerios Commercial Controversy I miss a lot of commercials because I mainly watch my shows from my DVR and fast forward thru the commercials. I became aware of the Cheerios Commercial Controversy after talking to my mom. I was stunned and in shock that people were up in arms over a multi-racial family being cast in Cheerios' latest commercial . It is 2013 and people are still having issues when companies are reflecting a happy family because of the color and races represented ...

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5 Things I Didn’t Know Before My Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve

5 Things I Found Out After My Gastric Sleeve When I decided to have the Gastric Sleeve, I made sure to keep all my appointments with the Doctor, Therapist,Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for what was to come after the surgery. I attended nutritional classes and attended the Gastric Sleeve Pre-Surgical Diet Class. I asked questions of the surgeon, other patients who had the surgery, and staff at the weight loss center I was going thru. However ...

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Recall Alert: Townsend Farms Organic Frozen Berry Mix Linked to Hepatitis A Outbreak


Recall Alert Here's a very important recall that you should read! Make sure that these products are not in your home. The Oregon company Townsend Farms is recalling their frozen berry mix sold to Costco and Harris Teeter stores after the product has been linked to the nationwide outbreak of Hepatitis A. This is based on an ongoing epidemiological and traceback investigation by the FDA and the CDC of an illness outbreak and they also discovered that one of the ingredients of the frozen ...

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Summer Saving Tips: Doing Kids Haircut

Saving Tips

Summer Saving Tips Summer is a great time to learn to cut your child or children's hair. If your learning curve is wide and slow then the children are not as likely to be teased due to the lack of school! Also, cutting boys' hair is easier in the summer because generally speaking it is cooler to have shorter "buzzed" type cuts! Girls haircuts can easily be disguised as long as it fits into a ponytail!. One tool that we have found to be wonderful for a boy's basic haircut is a set of ...

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Spring Savings Inside and Out

spring savings

Spring Savings Spring Savings Inside and Out Tips We have been on a tight budget after moving into our new to us home here in CT two years ago. I have found a lot of ways to save. One is on our mulch. Our local Bulky Waste dump has mulch and they will even load it in your truck. This time of year they only have single shredded mulch, but when it comes to free versus $11/bag or $24/scoop I can live with single shredded. I don’t think it looks bad at all it also seems to last longer. Take a ...

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Online Safety Tips

online safety tips

Online Safety Tips I am pleased to bring you my take on how to monitor your kid's internet usage. This is post is brought to you by Cox Communications because they value their customers and seek to communicate online safety tips. I have three kids and their favorite activity is to get online. They are all under 10. The reason is simple I am always online for work so that is what they want to do as well. I can't believe the alarming rate that the internet has grown. I mean my 8 year-old has ...

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AirWick Smells Great

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Air Wick for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Sam's Clubs helps your home smell great for less. Let me tell you sweaty children, old sneakers, and pool towels live everywhere in my house. The best way to fight all of that is to purchase scented Airwick products .   Have you ever noticed how certain homes have a distinct smell?  Sometimes those smells can be pleasing while other times not so much.  New homes have the ...

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