Karla’s Korner: Top Ten Parenting Tips …Sort of


Parenting Tips Top Ten Parenting Tips…Sort of When I became a mother 20 years ago I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. In fact, until the day my daughter was born I had not changed a diaper. I was about as inexperienced as one could be in the child rearing department. Little did I know that no matter how much I learned it would never be enough. There is always something more to learn when being a momma. Today my kids are 20 and 14 and somehow we have managed to make it through ...

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Volvo Customer Service

volvo customer service

Volvo Customer Service I have a baby. It is called baby volvo convertible. I bought my baby convertible over 8 years ago now. I was so excited when I got her. I was less excited when my husband got home and I had to explain the car in the driveway was indeed ours and I didn't have a friend over. That is another story. I believe that having a convertible is cheaper than a therapist. We all need an outlet and my convertible is mine. It is our third car and honestly I wish I could drive the ...

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J&J’s For All You Love and Help Save the Children


J&J's For All You Love Being a mom is something that I've always wanted to be. Growing up, I admire how my mom runs the house, takes care of me and my siblings and at the same time have a successful marriage and career. It was what I always dreamed of having when I grow up. I thought it was so easy until I had a family of my own. All along I thought I could easily manage having a career and family at the same time, but life took a different turn for me. When my son turned two years ...

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Grateful: Top 5


Today I am grateful that it is my birthday. The reason is simple I have been given another year to live. I started writing a grateful list of my top five every day because in life I think we forget the small things. We forget because we are to busy being ungrateful. I have made the choice to look at the positive and grow the things that are positive in my life. It isn't easy. I will talk about that choice more over the next couple of weeks. I decided to be the light that helps others' candles ...

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Travel with Kids Tips

travel with kids tips

Travel with Kids Tips So you're getting ready to take a trip. Going on vacations can be a lot of fun but sometimes the trip there can be stressful with kids. I recently took a trip to Washington, D.C. with my family. I am a big fan of road trips so because of this and the fact that driving to your vacation destination can save some money, we decided to drive. I have an 8 year old daughter, so I decided to do some research to find things that could make the trip go as smoothly as possible and ...

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An open ended letter to Abercrombie & Fitch from a “Fat Chick”


An open ended letter to Abercrombie & Fitch from a "Fat Chick"   Dear Abercrombie & Fitch, Recently, an article surfaced about how you didn't want "fat people" shopping at your store. (If you haven't, you can check out the article HERE) Let me start off by saying, it's your store, and you can have whoever shop there that you would like, this is not the problem I have with your statement. The fact that Abercrombie & fitch only goes up to a size 10 pants in women is ...

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Thought for the Day from Karla’s Korner: Love is Forever


Thought for the Day: Love is Forever Love is Forever Love according to my online dictionary is defined as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. This little four letter word has a wide variety of meanings and is commonly used in everyday language as a means of affection. But what does it mean? We use the word love quite often in our daily conversations. Quite often we profess our love of food, music, sports, books, etc. when sharing our feelings and ...

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Traveling with Kids Tips

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids Tips When I was little I remember our family taking "long" trips to my grandparents' house ---2 hours away. Now, I think nothing of our 50 mile one way weekly trip "into town" to grocery shop! My number one tip when traveling with kids is to CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE! As parents our attitude toward traveling will make a tremendous difference in the reaction of our children. When we are going on an adventure then everyone gets excited, if we are just doing our daily routine ...

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Thought for the Day from Karla’s Korner: Never Give Up…Be the Butterfly

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day Never Give Up… I came home from work the other day and noticed quite a few butterflies fluttering around my newly bloomed lilac bush. The bush has been in my yard for two years and has just bloomed for the first time. The fragrance is intoxicating and I find myself stopping by for a “sniff” every chance I get. As I approached the bush most of the butterflies flew away; only one remained. He (I really don’t know if it was male or female) stayed on one large lush bloom ...

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Shop and Help Toledo who was a victim of Pitbull Dog Fights

pitbull dog fighting shirts

Toldeo a victim of PitBull Dog Fights Needs Your Help As many of you know,I-Gwen,work with an animal rescue in Detroit, MI. I currently am fostering 12 pups and 2 females. My heart broke the other day when I seen pictures of poor Toledo. Toledo had been used as a bait dog in pitbull dog fights in Detroit. She was rescued by a wonderful volunteer. She has extensive physical and emotional trauma. This poor girl was never given a chance and now must learn to live after being a victim of pitbull ...

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