Tips on Entering Giveaways!


Tips on Entering Giveaways!   Happy Monday everyone! Last night I got an email saying I had won a giveaway! (An awesome cookbook) and it got me thinking about all the things I have won in the last few years by entering giveaways, and I thought you might like to hear my tips on entering giveaways! As [...]

Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations

birthday invitation

Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations   With having 2 children, we often receive many birthday card invitations during the year. These always end up in the garbage can or recycling bin depending who throws them away. I cringe at the money that is often wasted on invitations myself when planning my children’s parties. This [...]

Broken Heart


If it often said that the heart is the muscle that can be hurt the deepest. It is also the most resilient. I find Facebook to be a place of both deep sadness and overwhelming happiness. I mean Facebook killed a friendship of mine.  You see one of the things bloggers do not talk about often [...]