Ask a Teacher: How do I save all the memories

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How do I preserve my child's work? I know that your child will come home with a lot of papers. I know this because I used to make up the assignments. I am now on the other end of the process and trying to figure out the best way to honor my son's progress. I came up with a system that works for us. I thought I would share. On Friday when Matthew brings home his work we are going to place it in a sheet protector in a binder. I will try to gather a variety of subjects to showcase his academic … [Read more...]

Time Saver: Using the Dot System to Organize Clothes

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I want to carry on with uses for a Sharpie pen. Last week, I told you how to mark expiration dates on your stockpile items. Heather taught us how permanent markers can help keep AC adapters and power cords organized and how to determine how quickly laundry soap is used. This week, I would like to focus on clothes organization. My sister-in-law Cathy has come up with a clever way of keeping her three boys clothes organized and separated. They use the dot system. Boy number one has one dot on his … [Read more...]

Ideas That Spark: Storing up for Winter

Ideas That Spark: Smart Living Storing up for Winter From the Editors of Ideas That Spark Does this sound like you? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average family of four is spending about $100 a month more at the grocery store than it did a year ago. Do the math: That’s an additional $1,200 a year for the same amount of peanut butter and toilet paper. Fortunately, “the grocery budget is a place where most families can find some extra dollars that can be used … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher/ MOM … What's for lunch?

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ASK A TEACHER Matthew: Please, mommy and daddy pack me a lunch I like. I need to be fed and full of energy.(repeating what we say over and over again)   Me: What would you like?   Matthew: I have no idea.   Me: Well think of something we have 15 minutes before we have to go to school. Matthew: random list of items. Me: Well it sounds like you need the big lunch bag today. Matthew: Yes, mommy I think it is going to be one of those days. Me: (in my head not aloud isn't it always one of those … [Read more...]

More Quick Tips from Heather

Here are just a few more quick tips that I use and hope that you will find them helpful in stretching your dollars and cents. - Renae mentioned on Sunday how permanent markers help her for marking expiration dates on boxes of food. Another great way for putting markers to use (and in this case I use a silver one) is to mark what AC adapter/ charger plugs go to what devices. This is actually something that I learned from my husband and since we have been using this tip, it has saved us a lot of … [Read more...]

Ideas That Spark: Smart Living

Madame Deals is pleased to announce the new partnership with Ideas That Spark. We will be posting informative articles from their editors from time to time. Ideas That Spark: Discover 6 Ways to Save: Reinventing Yourself From the Editors of Ideas That Spark In a tough economy, the tendency is to hunker down at your job -- if you still have one -- and hold on for dear life. But the truth is, now might be the right time to branch out and learn something new that will boost your … [Read more...]

Stockpile Organization

Due to my recent shopping adventures to Harris Teeter, my pantry was in need of organization. One of the secrets to saving money, is to stockpile. This means to buy extra items your family uses regularly when the items are at their rock bottom price. We all know that Harris Teeter triples or Kmart super doubles allows for a plethora of stockpiling opportunities! I would like to share some tips to make stockpiling easier and more efficient. First of all, only stockpile items your family uses … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher, Change is coming HELP

How do you handle big changes? The question this week is from one of our readers, Rebecca. I am going to answer this from my mommy side since we are going through a big change. My son enter Kindergarten. It really depends on your child. I always say being honest is important. Kids are just like us we want to know what is going to happen and how. We also want to know what the result of the change will be. We started talking about Kindergarten a long time ago. My husband and myself shared stories … [Read more...]

Heather's Tuesday Quick Tips

Quick Tips - - Save on shampoo. Ok, so I have mentioned that I am not a girlie girl, but that I like to smell good among my household of men, right? And like any good girl, I have more than one pair of shoes (at least one for a date night, and a few for casual wear) Well, the same goes for my shampoo. I have some special shampoo that I splurged on and I want to make it last as long as possible. I learned this tip just recently, and I admit, I thought it a little "out there" as well, but thought … [Read more...]

Auctions…Hey Bidder, Bidder

While on vacation, I attended a live auction and had a blast! I had never been before but my sister-in-law Cathy showed me the ropes. The auction we attended was in upstate New York, Brzostek's Auction, which is unfortunate since I live in Virginia. Why was it unfortunate? Well, I could have refurnished my house with quality, high end furniture for a fraction of the retail price! I could not believe the ending price on some the furniture items. I really would have liked the oak dining room table … [Read more...]