Tuesday Tips: Salvage an iPod, Cleaning Frugally & Moist Cookies

Last week, we were talking about some of the preparations I did for the change of season and looking forward to the holidays. That got me thinking about a quick tip I use not only when I am baking, but when I am working with raw meat as well. It seems to me, that folks like to call me on the telephone when my hands are all messed up with something on them. So, to solve that problem, if I know I will be putting my hands in a project (food/baking/ etc) I slip my cordless phone into a sandwich bag … [Read more...]

Ask a Dental Hygienist: Fluoride

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One of our readers had a question about the School Fluoride Rinse program available here in Virginia. As many kids are getting back to school, you might find that your child's school may offer similar programs. I thought I would answer a few questions about fluoride as it can cause confusion. The school fluoride program is done once a week in the "swish and spit" format. It is a topical flavored fluoride rinse like the over the counter mouthwash ACT. Fluoride has been key in the great … [Read more...]

Fall preparations – Are you ready?

With Labor Day behind us and the kiddos back in school, I am getting in the swing of things and my mind is looking toward fall. I am sure that we all have certain things that we do at specific times of the year, but I usually give my house a good cleaning about twice a year - in the spring and in the fall. This includes everything from cleaning windows and window sashes to cleaning and purging toys, old clothes, and other unwanted or unused products in my house. I also start thinking even … [Read more...]

Coupons in Unexpectd Places

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Are you on the hunt for coupons? Do you look anywhere and everywhere? Last week I found some great coupons in unexpected places. I was at Harris Teeter and they had a big truck in front of the store and they were grilling steak for samples. The steak was very good and a nice sample size. I asked the gentleman if he had any coupons. What do you know, he handed me a pamphlet with a $4 and $5 off Harris Teeter steak purchase! Wow, coupons for steak, that never seems to happen! If you see people … [Read more...]

Cutting Back on Consuming

I couple of weeks back I bought the Aveeno cleansing pads at CVS when the Aveeno products were on extra care bucks. I do love Aveeno products and I really like the convenience of the cleansing pads. When I am tired and lazy just before bed, the cleansing pads are super easy to use. After using them once though, I realized that I didn't use half of the cleanser on the pad. This got me thinking, we are taught to consume. I got out a pair of scissors and cut the pads in half. There is plenty of … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: Cooking for Entertainment

How do you deal with the I'm bored... The answer I have is simple, ask your child what they want to learn about. Then make it happen. Our son wants to learn how to cook. This is so exciting for his future wife! I asked him what he would like to cook and since he is four he started naming all the food he likes to eat. I wrote a list down, although I already know what he likes to eat. We then went on this site All Recipes and entered in the ingredients we wanted. His are spinach, bacon, and pasta. … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle Again!

Here we are in full swing of the back to school routine. I thought that I would share some of our tips for getting us out the door in the morning with some semblance of order. In our family, we try to do as much the night before as we can, so that we are not feeling as rushed in the morning, though things can still pop up at the last minute. - Lunch: My children pack their lunch the night before. Due to the types of sandwiches they like, we keep them in the refrigerator over night and then put … [Read more...]

Canning: Recipe for Peach Salsa

peach salsa recipe

Visit Your Local Orchard for Great Savings! For the last three summers, Cathy and I have jumped into the world of canning. We started off small, just doing applesauce and sliced peaches. Last year we experimented with peach salsa. It was fabulous! We have also canned pickles, peach jam, blueberry jam, apple butter, apple pie filling and apple jelly in the past. It is so delightful to have these goodies in the middle of winter! Last weekend, I went to purchase the peaches for our peach … [Read more...]

Birthday Party: How to be Stress-free

My son's 3rd birthday is approaching. This article is a good reminder of what birthdays are all about; the celebration of your child. You do not have to spend a ton of money to make a party fun and full of memories!        Your Family Today: Activities Stress-free Birthday Bashes By Elizabeth Hurchalla for Your Family Today Magicians are expensive. So are clowns, moon bounces, and 25 goody bags stuffed with candy and toys. Is it really worth it? Pulling off a stellar birthday party doesn't … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher: How do I save all the memories

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How do I preserve my child's work? I know that your child will come home with a lot of papers. I know this because I used to make up the assignments. I am now on the other end of the process and trying to figure out the best way to honor my son's progress. I came up with a system that works for us. I thought I would share. On Friday when Matthew brings home his work we are going to place it in a sheet protector in a binder. I will try to gather a variety of subjects to showcase his academic … [Read more...]