Making Dollars out of Change: Cloth Napkins

Welcome to the first addition of Making Dollars out of Change! The goal of this weekly theme is to share ideas on how to make small changes that will net more money in your pocket. Saving money is not all about coupons. Making a change in your daily habits can be financially beneficial. Small changes lead to change in your pockets that will eventually add up to dollars! One of my goals for the year was to start using cloth napkins and towels instead of paper. Not only will cloth products save … [Read more...]

Tuesday's tip: Are your tires expired?

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This is a big issue with me. I do not patch tires. I will not take the chance because as the commercial goes "so much is riding on your tires." I was stunned to learn that even though I spend more money to buy new tires I could still be putting myself and my family at risk. Are your tires older than 6 years old? They may be even if you just got them put on. That's right, you could have just put "old" tires. This is what you need to do before the tire is put on your car.  Look for the code on the … [Read more...]

Buying Organic Food on a Budget

Life & Beauty Weekly: Healthy You Buying Organic Food on a Budget By Dominique Andrews for Life & Beauty Weekly You do a lot to keep your family healthy, including making smart choices about the food you buy. And chances are, you’d buy everything organic if you could. But for most moms, a totally organic kitchen isn’t realistic, considering the items can cost upward of 50 percent more than their conventional counterparts. “We all need to prioritize our purchasing based on what’s … [Read more...]

Family Activities to Warm up Your Winter

  Are your children climbing the walls?This bitter cold weather has left little opportunity for children to play outside and get the wiggles out! Below you will find ideas to keep the children entertained and bring some warmth back into their minds! This post is brought to you by our partners Studio One Networks. Your Family Today: Activities 7 Ways to Warm up Your Winter By the editors of Your Family Today for Your Family Today When it’s cold and gray outside, doesn’t it seem like your whole … [Read more...]

Marinate & Freeze Boneless Skinless Chicken

Have you taken advantage of the great deal on Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts at Harris Teeter this week? If so, you may be wondering what you will do with all of it! A few weeks ago Harris Teeter ran a similar promotion. I ended up with (6) packages of the chicken tenderloins. I divided the chicken into family sized portions and placed them in zipper bags. A simple way to get ahead on dinner is to add the marinade to the meat before you freeze it! When you pull the chicken out to defrost, it … [Read more...]

Ask A Teacher: How do you Teach SHARING

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Sharing is caring... The secret to teaching is modeling. It isn't enough to just say share. We need to show our children how to acquire this valuable skill. This is a skill that we need to work on through out their lives. It will start with toys and grow into ideas. Then they will need to have the confidence to share who they are with the world. The fondest memories I have are of conversations I have had with my parents over dinner or lunch. It is neat to learn about how they became who they … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip: Buy it now with Holiday wrapping

I am very excited because I have a beauty product problem and beauty products are on sale now! I am sure they have treatment for this. Since I get most of it for free, or nearly free, it is not a big problem. The tip I have is look for your favorite products that may be wrapped in holiday wrapping. It is most likely 50% off. I bought Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner for $8.00 total because it had a holiday box. It is usually $13.00 a bottle or more so around $26.00. This tip extends to … [Read more...]

Substitute Ingredients to Meet Weight Loss Goals

This post is brought to you by Life & Beauty Weekly. If you have a weight loss goal for this year, this is a must read article! Making small substitutions in your recipes will lead to less calories without sacrificing taste! Life & Beauty Weekly: Healthy You Swapping Ingredients Never Tasted so Good By Elizabeth Brownfield for Life & Beauty Weekly It’s tempting to jump on the latest diet bandwagon in the hopes of losing weight fast. But as you may know from trial and error, … [Read more...]

Ask a Teacher: Holiday money, now what?

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This year we decided to focus on how to make DOLLARS out of CHANGE. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to start talking to your children about the value of money and teach them to save. My children received a lot of money for the holiday because I implement the one gift per child per person rule. If someone would like to spend more, then they give my children checks, savings bonds, or gift cards to be used later. This is our formula for success: 1) Cash the checks and get cash (I even get cash … [Read more...]