Share Deals With a Shopping Buddy

Do you ever purchase large quantities of produce and it goes to waste before you can use it? Or what about those buy two get three free shrimp or chicken deals that Harris Teeter is famous for? Although these large item promotions can net you huge savings, sometimes the items are not stored easily. Enter the shopping buddy! Find a friend to split great deals with! Amee and a good friend split their Sam's Club produce purchases. Sam's Club has great prices on produce but it can be hard to use … [Read more...]

Keeping Track of Charitable Donations

Today for Making Dollars Out of Change we have a guest post from Mary! One of the things we like to focus on at Madame Deals is being charitable. Using coupons and bargain shopping has helped Amee and I become more charitable. Mary is an expert bargain shopper and she is charitable by caring through coupons. April 15th is right around the corner and that means tax time.  Are you looking for more deductions?  Here’s something you might have overlooked.  Most people are aware you can take a tax … [Read more...]

Starting a Vegetable Garden

This week on Making Dollars Out of Change, I want to talk about making a vegetable garden. With all of the snow on the ground here in Central Virginia, I know it is hard to imagine a garden! However, it is time to start planning for spring. Planting a vegetable garden is one way to save money on produce. There will be an initial setup and planting fee. Having homegrown and organic produce is well worth it though! In the end, you will save money by relying on your garden for your summer produce; … [Read more...]

Holiday on a Budget: Valentine's Day

This week for Making Dollars Out of Change I want to focus on celebrating holidays on a budget. Planning and being creative goes a long way. Shopping year round has really cut my gift budget. This summer I picked up Valentine's Day crafts at a yard sale for .50¢. Although I did not need the craft items at that moment, I knew they would come in handy six months down the line. After a holiday has passed, check the clearance section for crafts or decorations for next year. Re-purpose items meant … [Read more...]

Replacing Disposable Bags With Alternate Storage Containers

storage solutions

Making Dollars Out of Change is all about giving you ideas on how to save money by changing little things. Small changes can lead to big savings over time. Topics covered to date: Cloth Napkins, Stretching Your Meat Budget and Cook Once Eat Twice. Today I would like to cover food storage containers. I have started placing leftovers in reusable plastic or glass storage containers. Although plastic zipper bags are sometimes more convenient, they can be expensive. Now don't get me wrong, I still … [Read more...]

Cook Once, Eat Twice to Save Time & Money

This week for Making Dollars out of Change, I want to focus on cooking ahead and using your leftovers. In the last few months I have been cooking more meals ahead of time, dabbled in freezer cooking and made the most of our leftovers. I hope to integrate more freezer cooking in the next few months. It is a huge time saver to have meals prepared in the freezer. I have been inspired by Connie to make "leftover makeovers". What that means is to take your leftovers and turn them into something … [Read more...]

Stretching Your Meat Budget

Last week I covered replacing paper napkins with cloth napkins. One of my favorite links last week was from Sharon and her recipe for homemade laundry soap. Although I am not that ambitious, I love the idea! This week I wanted to focus on meat. One of the most expensive items for a meal is the meat. We are a meat and potatoes family and most meals do contain some sort of meat. There are two things you can do to stretch your meat budget: buy at a rock bottom price and make several meals out of … [Read more...]

Making Dollars out of Change: Cloth Napkins

Welcome to the first addition of Making Dollars out of Change! The goal of this weekly theme is to share ideas on how to make small changes that will net more money in your pocket. Saving money is not all about coupons. Making a change in your daily habits can be financially beneficial. Small changes lead to change in your pockets that will eventually add up to dollars! One of my goals for the year was to start using cloth napkins and towels instead of paper. Not only will cloth products save … [Read more...]