Gearing Up for the Holidays: Hot Toys

I am a year round shopper when it comes to Christmas gifts. I am happy to report that I have several people on my list already done! Last year I made a vital mistake when it came to shopping for my nephews. They are older than my boys and into pre-teen type toys. They really wanted the Mindflex last year. I wanted to be the "cool aunt" and get it for them. It was in my budget for them if I made it a shared gift. Problem- by the time I started looking for the Mind Flex they were out of stock … [Read more...]

Different Ways to Grow Your Own Food

I know that we are heading into the cooler seasons and gardening is probably the furthest from your mind. However, I want to encourage you all to think about starting a garden of some sort this next spring. I absolutely LOVE my garden! My son, who was three at the time, melted my heart this summer when he said "Mom isn't it so great that we can grow and pick the food that we eat?" 4 Ways to Grow Your Own Food at Home By Mrs. Not Made of Money Growing your own food at home can be economically … [Read more...]

Save Good Water From Going Down the Drain

If you are local to us, you know that there is a huge water  problem. For one thing, we are in the middle of a drought. It rained for a short time today and I wanted to get out of my car and dance in the rain. Unfortunately it was not enough rain to even wet the ground. The other issue that some people are having is their water bill is outrageous. I can't get into specifics since I don't have a water bill since I have a well. However, from what my friends and family are telling me about their … [Read more...]

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It is mid September and October will be here before we know it! I love fall- the cooler nights and changing colors are delightful! This also means that it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I try not to spend very much money on my kids costumes. I can get away with it pretty easily since they are still young. I still allow them choices but guide them in the choice of costume based on what is available. I am sure this is not easily done when you have older kids! So here are a few … [Read more...]

Requesting a Lower Monthly Payment on Bills

We all have bills that stay the same month after month. I was paying little attention to the satellite television bill since it was the same fee month after month. We currently have DIRECTV as our satellite provider. Last week I received an offer in the mail from Dish Network. They were offering a low monthly fee for their packages as well as FREE High Definition for life and a FREE HD DVR. This prompted me to pull out my DIRECTV bill to see how much we were actually spending. As I told you … [Read more...]

Earning Cash Back on Online Purchases

Did you know that you can earn cash back when you shop online? There are several programs available but I tend to use Ebates and Shop at Home the most. Basically, if you initiate your shopping trip from either Ebates or Shop at Home you will earn a percentage of the sale back in cash. Ebates Ebates is currently offering a $5 cash bonus or a $10 gift card offer for new sign ups. Plus, if you refer family and friends to Ebates, you will earn $5 when they make their first purchase. Since I signed … [Read more...]

Saving With Deal of the Day Sites

Daily Deal sites are HOT right now! It seems like everyday I learn about a new site offering low prices on products and gift certificates. The great part about most of these deal of the day sites is that you can earn credit for referring people! Making referrals is a great way to spread the word to your friends and family about deals and it will earn you spending credit. Think Christmas and birthday gifts! Jasmere is a daily deal site I just learned about. I ordered the eco-friendly Feelgoodz … [Read more...]

Taking Alternate Transportation: Bus & Train Review

In the last two months I have traveled a lot! I am ready to stay home for awhile now! The nice thing is I have tried multiple types of transportation... plane, train, bus and a rental car. I tend to gravitate towards the airplane when traveling. In many cases I am limited on time. Technically, flying is the fastest way to get somewhere. When you factor in the time spent in security, the expense of checking baggage and the limitations on carry on items; flying is not always the best option. The … [Read more...]

What is a Good Buy Price for Household Goods?

Ove the last few weeks I have been telling you what my buy price is for groceries. The best way to save money at the grocery store is to be knowledgable in what a good price is. If you know what a good price is, you will know when to stock-up. This week, I am sharing what my buy prices are for household items. "Buy Price" for Household Items: Prices will vary by region. The prices listed below are after coupons. Sandwich Bags, $0.90-$1 Freezer Bags, $1 Foil, $1 Toilet Paper (12 ct.), … [Read more...]

What is a Good Buy Price for Produce?

The best way to save money at the grocery store is to be knowledgable in what a good price is. If you know what a good price is, you will know when to stock-up. Remember that just because the sign says sale, does not not mean that it is a good price. If you are just joining us, I have posted the good buy prices for Meat, Dairy and Beverage items and pantry items. When I get all of the prices gathered, I will make a master list for you all! Produce prices vary by region and season. One of the … [Read more...]