Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program

Trade in program

Clean out Clutter and Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program When you look around your room you will probably find cds, movies, textbooks, video games and even electronics that you are not using. These items are not only taking up space they are losing their value every day you keep them. You don’t [...]

Quick Rewards! Earn Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards!!! Easy Money!

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Quick Rewards gives you an opportunity to earn some extra cash! There’s no minimum to cash out when you earn too! Cash out as often as you would like! Here’s your change to earn Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards! (I am already thinking of extra Christmas Cash!) Ways to Earn: – Shopping (competitive cashback [...]

Domestic Diva: Takes on the Laundry

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  I was elated to find out that Martha Stewart was a fraud. I mean she isn’t perfect. I am far from perfection but I always pictured her having the right everything for every occasion. I have my moments of greatness and several that are pitiful. I did however decide once a week I will [...]

The Art of Dating

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Is the Art of dating gone? Do we live in a world where it is okay to text someone to ask them out? The answer is “yes” for some girls. I am still the kind of lady that requires a phone call. I have had a rule that many have failed to follow and that [...]

Easy Way to Earn Gift Cards

A little known, but particularly easy, way to earn gift cards is to register your Visa debit and credit cards with Visa Extras Rewards.  Most banks, including the small one where I bank, participate in the program.  Every time you make a purchase, you are awarded points which can be redeemed for hundreds of items, [...]

Making Dollars Out of Change

With the New Year fast approaching, I find myself reflecting on changes our family has made over the last few years.  Facing a substantial reduction in income, I fell back into my single motherhood habits of couponing and bargain hunting.  Along the way, I discovered a new world of coupon blogs and now find myself [...]