Victoria Secret: So what is it?

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There are a lot of reasons to shop at Victoria Secret. I happen to love their underwear. I know to much information. I however learned my lesson. If you buy something there you need to fully unfold it or you may end up with underwear that says "your boyfriend say thank you" or something like that. This happened to me. I bought a pair of pink panties and ended up with a rather weird message on my bottom. We decided to give them to someone as a gag gift so they are in my gift closet. The secret is ...

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No Boobs at Breakfast

There is a time a place for your breast to be exposed. The time is when you are not at a business conference while people are eating. I understand your child needs to eat.  In fact, I fed my children the same way. The difference is my boob was not hanging out at breakfast or at any meal. It is both inappropriate and unprofessional to expose yourself in a public place during a business event. The place for feeding your child is anywhere with proper cover. I believe your breasts are a personal ...

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What Mr. Madame Deals is Doing while I am at Blissdom

matthew and Margeaux

I am going to Blissdom! I am so excited. I have packed my blogger bag. I have made my Blissdom budget. I have put together my Blissdom thank you post to my sponsors. I have organized everything I can. I am now making the list of what Mr. Madame Deals will need to do while I am away. I want to thank my husband for taking two days vacation to be the stay at home parent while I am the work out of the house parent. He is very excited to try to do what I do. You know manage the houses and the kids ...

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Those People

    This year I am making an effort to not be one of "those people." You know the people that point their finger at you and offer unwanted advice. I am learning to worry about myself and let what I think take the lead over others. I am learning to judge others less and help them more. I am working on becoming a better person. I am actively seeking opportunities to help others. I am looking for resolutions to problems instead of complaining. I am not offering advice unless asked and I am ...

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Big Box Reveal

Amazon Box

I have a big fat secret.  The item in my dark secret closet is actually found in this very box. This huge box contains the very answers you are looking for in your savings future. Madame Deals is about finding or figuring out the best deal for you. It is not about always using a coupon and buying everything with a coupon. In fact unless you need it even if it is FREE do not bother getting it. I mean FREE is great but getting it for FREE takes time and money. If you do not need it you should not ...

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Project #3 Offer evaluation

Do you want to be on my team? If so sign up here for Madame Deals review team. This is not a paid review team. In the future or whenwe have sponsors those that do the best reviews will be selected to represent the Madame Deals. This is a research project to insure that I am offering the best possible opportunities to my fans. The only way to find out is to ask you. The surveys are quick and easy. I appreciate you candor and your help.1) Look at this list and see if you have tried any of ...

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