A Trip to the Dentist

Ask a teacher... Here are some tips about making your child's first dental visit an enjoyable experience. Many books say to take your child to the dentist at the first sign of a tooth. While this may sound like good advice, it is really not practical. If you are not able to look in your child's mouth, there is high probability that the dentist or dental hygienist will not be able to either.  By the age of three, most children are ready to have their first visit without making it a … [Read more...]

Ask The Teachers

A teacher is someone from who you can learn from. We met this amazing women Gina from the Proactive Black Parenting Blog Spot on one of our blog sites. I love her. I think you will as well. Here is an article she wrote on Gratitude Here are the ten ways to teach it Gratitude is a virtue that is taught. We come into this world utterly selfish beings.At first, we only give in ways that bring good things back to us We are naturally thankful for good and pleasant things. But we may not naturally … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Cool

 More parenting videos on JuiceBoxJungle   It is the middle of summer and the kids are home all day. It is bound to happen; losing your cool that is. We are not "super moms". Everyone loses it from time to time. The key is to learn how to cool it before it gets out of control. Juice Box Jungle offers some great advice on how to calm yourself down and how to deal with the out of control kiddos. So do yourself a favor, take a coffee break this morning and watch a two minute video from Juice Box … [Read more...]

Ask The Teachers

Teaching what is just enough… How do you raise children that aren’t greedy? I had a lovely conversation with a student at our coupon workshop and she disclosed to me that people used to take advantage of the free food given by the local churches. The churches had to come together to create a single place to distribute food to make sure everyone got their fair share. It got me thinking, were these adults raised to be greedy? Is this nature or nurture? I am not sure but I know what we do at our … [Read more...]


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Ask A Teacher In the interest of keeping our website as one that addresses the needs of our readers we are starting a weekly topic. We are calling it ask A Teacher. Renae and myself are both teachers. I am a certified Regular and Special Education teacher.  Renae is certified in Adult Education. We are also both moms, wives, and friends. We will answer a question from one of our readers each week. If you are going to ask about your child please, use a fake name. I get requests all the time … [Read more...]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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It wasn't that long ago that I thought a toilet paper holder just held the toilet paper. The dish soap bottle's only job was to make my hands gorgeous as I attempted to scrap food off dishes. The milk jug was only used to hold the milk... and then came the kids. The brightly colored mass distributed toys are not nearly as fun as the ones we can make using household castoffs. The creativity and environmental impact are invaluable to my children. I suggest you grab your trash and create an … [Read more...]

Positive discipline

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Teaching children  When Renae and myself created this blog we decided it was our intent to help the "whole" person. We are not just about tracking down sales but helping you become the best person you can be. We will find the answers to your questions if we can and answer any questions to  the best of our abilities.                                             We read all of your comments and one reader asked for advice on discipline. I thought I would respond to this query because being a … [Read more...]

Grocery List

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Grocery List 10. Because you always forget the one item necessary to make that recipe. 9. Because if it is not on the list, it's a "NO". 8. Because your child just sneezed. Tissue, huh! 7. To relocate that pesky fly. 6. Because you are at the store and you don't know why. 5. To protect your cart from the extra junk food. 4. Mommy brain! 3. To distract the shopper next to you. While they pick up your list, you pick up the last sale item! 2. How else would you … [Read more...]

Share Button

Have you noticed anything new around here?   We have added a Share/Save button at the bottom of the posts. Just hit the Share/Save button and you can send the post to a friend or a social networking site. There are countless ways you can share a post: e-mail, digg, Facebook, Reddit, StumleUpon, Twitter, Delicious, to name a few. You can also add a particular post to your favorites. Give it a try! … [Read more...]


EARTH DAY DOUGHThis is a household favorite. We believe it is important to play. The way a child learns depends on how we as parents instruct them. I find that allowing my child to build things inspires him to be more creative in his ventures. These risks that he takes, while looking at me for approval, are met with verbal and non verbal praise. These praises should be task specific and generously offered. After all, they are free. On this Earth Day be reminded that each child is a gift. Enjoy … [Read more...]