How to participate in a Twitter Party


How to participate in a Twitter Party   Today, we are going to be a part of a really fun Twitter Party and we have had some people asking what exactly is a twitter party, and how to participate in a Twitter Party! Ok let's start with what a Twitter Party is..... A Twitter Party is a virtual party that is held on Twitter! You follow the Host of the party and they tell you what kind of prizes are being offered, and give you fun questions to answer, and some facts on the company … [Read more...]

Save on Textbooks with Amazon

save on textbooks 2

Save on Textbooks with Amazon    Amazon has great ways to Save on Textbooks, used and new! Amazon Textbook Rental - Find the textbooks you need from Amazon's extensive selection. Rent them for the semester and then return them when you are done. No more waiting in line to sell your books back to only receive pennies of what you paid. … [Read more...]

Pizza Hut Book It Program available to Homeschoolers

pizza hut book it

Reward Them for Reading with Pizza Hut Book It   I remember my daughter being so proud to come home with her Book It certificate for reading in Kindergarten and First grade, that I was sad she didn't get the opportunity when she was in parochial school. I have started home schooling and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Homeschoolers can take part in the Pizza Hut Book It Program. Pizza Hut Book It Proram Information The Program runs for 6 months, from October - … [Read more...]

Crafting with Kids: Why Waste a Baking Fail?

Crafting with Kids

Crafting with Kids So this week was my step-moms birthday. Trying to be sneaky my daughter and I made cupcakes to surprise her with. Cute Right?? First, let’s start at the beginning! So we got everything measured out and mixed together and my daughter helped me scoop the batter into the cupcake tin so we could bake them. Somewhere in-between turning the oven on to what I swore was 350 and filling the cupcake liners my oven got bumped up to somewhere around 600 degrees!!! Yup…you read that … [Read more...]

Adding Users to Google Analytics

Adding a User in Google Analytics I have a team I admit that it takes more than myself to run my business. I am a business owner and as such it is important to know if what you are doing is effective. The best way to measure effectiveness on a blog is to look at your stats in google analytics. The things I track are: Traffic sources Clicks on content What posts were effective the same time last year and more I think of Google Analytics   as a road map to guide me to my final … [Read more...]

Over 50% off Educational Programs at Educents


Educational Programs over 50% at Educents Educational Programs  are on sale starting April 2nd at Educents. Save on the following: 65% off Speed Reading Course 58% off Classroom Reading Software for Young Readers 56% off 8 Book Learning Package from World Book 42% off Spanish and French Interactive DVDs 50% off Financial Literacy DVDs for Teens 30% off Beginning Reading Kit from I SEE SAME 45% off Health Curriculum for Kids 42% off Curriculum from Houghton Mifflen Harcourt 45% … [Read more...]

Sign-up for Educents and Receive a $10 giftcard


A New Deal Site is Coming- Educents opens on April 2, 2013 Educents is a deal site that works with the best educational suppliers to provide daily group deals at flash speed. This site will work similar to other deal sites but the they will only be promoting Education Products. You will want to take advantage of these deals as soon as they become available because they will go quickly since there will only be a limited amount for a limited time! Some of the products they will be offering … [Read more...]

Math Essentials Review

math essentials

Take the Guess Work out of Math with Math Essentials Just say the word "Math" and both my children will groan. They dislike Math and all the work that comes with it. I have watched them struggle with concepts and I have struggled myself with the new ways they teach Math because they aren't the way I was taught. Some of things just don't make sense to them or myself and the further along in school, it will just get harder. I was beginning to stress about what to do in order to improve their … [Read more...]