Karla’s Korner: Allowing our Children to Grow Up


Allowing our Children to Grow Up…. Two years ago this week I sat down in front of my computer with my eyes so full of tears I could barely see and an ache in my heart so deep I thought I could barely stand it. I had just taken my daughter to college for the first time. This week my girl loaded up her car kissed me good-bye and set out to move herself and most of her things to college by herself. I followed the next day with a few boxes she couldn't fit in her car, an envelope with some spending … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Marriage and Friendship


Marriage and Friendship I am a simple girl. My husband appreciates that I am not a big shopper. I shop when necessary but I do not make shopping a hobby or something to do just to pass time and spend money. I have never been a fan of clothes shopping and my modest relatively plain Jane wardrobe is evidence of that. In the past 25 years of life with my husband we have always enjoyed the simple things in life. When we were dating we spent most of our time enjoying good food, playing pool in his … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Be the Inspiration


Be the Inspiration….. “I am thankful for Karla who shared a personal story and gave me a resource that changed my life for the better.” “I am thankful for Karla Robey and her generosity of spirit.” These two quotes were part of a writing assignment of sorts during church recently. The pastor had spoken about the importance of handwriting letters to show your appreciation to others or just to stay in touch. Taking time to put pen to paper lets the recipient know that you care enough to stop long … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Thoughts for the New School Year…and Beyond


New School Year Thoughts for the New School Year…and Beyond It’s Sunday afternoon and I have just returned from taking my son for his last week of summer camp. Next summer he will be too old to attend resident camp but has high hopes of becoming a junior counselor. For us, school starts in one week so this last week is a bit bittersweet for him; for all of us. The summer has been busy but one of a less structured schedule for him. While his dad and I work during the day he has been able to … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Ages and Stages of Friendships


Ages and Stages of Friendships Ages and Stages of Friendships…. I’ve written a lot about friendships and how important it is to have friendships. I read a blog earlier this week by a man who for most of his life claimed to be a loner. He saw no need for love in his life. It was his opinion that he was better off without a lot of the distractions and complications brought on by excessive friendships and love relationships. But somehow the right woman slowly crept into his life and he realized … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Pushing Through The Tough Stuff


Pushing Through The Tough Stuff… Sitting in front of my computer on Friday evening staring at a blank page with my mind filled with “stuff”, my heart heavy with the anxieties of a tough week and personal struggles that have worn me to my very core I began to replay a conversation I had with a special friend that afternoon. This friend, a mentor of sorts, and I get together every six weeks or so to dig into our thoughts, pray and nurture our spirits. What I like about these sessions is that he … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Lessons in Trust, Faith and Perseverance


Lessons in Trust, Faith and Perseverance… I went to summer camp this past week to teach Bible lessons to summer resident campers at the faith based camp my family supports through work, ministry and service. This camp is very dear to us as our children started off as campers there about eight years ago. Since the first time we drove through the gates onto the beautiful 780 acres of land we have felt a sense of peace and belonging. Now, with my son participating in his last year of resident camp … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: The Truth Hurts


How do you react when the truth hurts? This past week I found myself in a unique situation that quite frankly I could not have handled five years ago. I happened to be at my church preparing for the fellowship meal for my Wednesday night Bible study group (it was my turn to cook) when another church member showed up a little early with her daughter. Not feeling very well that day I was tired, stressed and would have really been happier to stay at home, but since I had the food I was there. When … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Apologies, Forgiveness and Moving On


Apologies, Forgiveness and Moving On... The past two weeks have been less than favorable for television chef and business woman Paula Deen. She has been brought to her knees for admitting that she used inappropriate words some 30 years ago when referring to African Americans. She has lost her contracts with various corporations and is being dubbed a racist. Having been a fan of Paula Deen for many years I have found myself feeling sad for her situation and in wonder at just how all of this … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Nothing is Important


“Nothing” is Important…. After spending another weekend away from home attending a church conference, fighting crazy traffic for nearly four hours home, unpacking, doing a few loads of laundry I found myself searching for ideas to write about. I sat for nearly an hour staring at the blank computer screen wishing my brain would produce a page full of wise words to share with my weekly readers. But what happens when I can’t come up with anything? I continue to sit in quiet and wait for ideas to … [Read more...]