I am sitting her trying to figure out what to do with my children this summer. I decided not to place them in camp because I want to be able to spend time with them and travel this summer. The problem is I have to work. I searched and I found a lot of great people to consider. I had no idea you could find care giver for your pets, older citizens, and people with disabilities. Wow! If I work really hard maybe I should look and find a housekeeper! Give Care.Com a chance … [Read more...]

Are You Lost in a Sea Of Bookmarks?

As I surf the internet, I tend to bookmark anything and everything which interests me. After years of doing this, I have over 1,000 bookmarks, all in a jumbled list which I have never found the time to organize.  This week I am going to organize my bookmarks.  This is possible because I discovered clipix. is a new and useful tool which will help me organize my life online. We all see so many things online each day but who has the time to really check these things out. With clipix, … [Read more...]

Save $25 off your first visit at Pristine Cleaning

Pristine Clean & Domestic Care, LLC Peggy Shanklin Owner/Operator Insured and Bonded Free Estimates Proudly Serving Lake Monticello & Surrounding Areas Catering to Each Individual Needs Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, One-Time, or As Needed Mention this ad and recieve $25 off 1st Service. Also Experienced in Assisting Handicap/Disabled Individuals with Routine Organizational Needs Free Estimates Local References Proudly Serving Lake Monticello and Surrounding Areas 434 … [Read more...]