Choose What Photos to Share with Out My Window


Sometimes there are personal pictures that you only want to share to your closest friends or relatives, right? Just like a family trip or a reunion where in you carefully chose the persons that you've invited. You may want to share these photos but social media sites are definitely a no-no! The whole world can see your photos on those sites, including those nosey people you may or may not know personally. The solution is outmywindow™, a more personal and private way to share and save our photos. … [Read more...]

Out My Window The Private Way to Share Photos


My family recently attended a wedding of a friend and it was wonderful to see a lot of my friends from college, especially those whom I haven't seen for a few years now. To made that special moment memorable, of course I did not pass up on the chance to take some photos as remembrance. I would have love to immediately share those photos but although I am very active in using social media such as Facebook I know that some of my friends aren't and they may not like the idea that their photos are … [Read more...]

4KidCal Interactive Calendar App


Here's a new edition to our app list for kids. 4KidCal is an interactive calendar app is a great way to teach your children how to get organized. How 4KidCal Works:?? No need to type in plans and cycle through timetables.?To schedule something in the app young users simply: 1.Click on the day they want to schedule something. 2.Click on one of the app’s many audio-enabled interactive reminder icons. 3.Record an audio memo with the “What’s, Where’s, and When’s” or their planned event! For … [Read more...]