Black Friday Deals & Link Up

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  CVS Black Friday Deals HERE Rite Aid Black Friday Deals HERE Walgreens Black Friday Deals HERE There are so many stores offering discounts & deals for Black Friday. We have posted a few deals and we will update deals when we can. However, we are spending time with family too. In order to help you all find the deals, we are giving other bloggers the opportunity to link their deals to our site. Also, feel free to leave a comment of any hot deals you come across! Please link directly to … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble: Black Friday Prices on DVDs 11/24-11/30

Barnes & Noblehas DVD's and Blu-ray up to 50% off from 11/24 until 11/30. PLUS, if you are a Barnes & Noble member, you will get free shipping on orders over $10. Free shipping for non-members can be achieved with a $25 or more order. King Fu Panda and Madagascar 2 are on sale for just $9.89, several Barbie movies are $8.99 and Land Before Time: Amazing Adventures is $5.34 (my 3 yr olds favorite!). There are also many adult and teen movies. [ad#adesnse text link] … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Gift Packaging

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Gift Packaging Ideas Oh how the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season has begun! I was out shopping yesterday and the parking lots were packed and so were the stores! As I was shopping, I was thinking of gift packaging ideas. I know many times gift bags are used as a simple solution to wrapping. Gift bags can be pricey though. Here are a few gift packaging ideas to use that will keep more money in your pockets! … [Read more...]

Red Robin: Buy $25 in Gift Cards, Get $5 in Bonus Bucks

Wow! I am surprised by all of the gift card offers this year...or maybe I never paid attention before. Anyways, Red Robin is offering $5 in Bonus Bucks for every $25 in gift cards you buy. If you are going to buy a gift card, you might as well get one for a place that you will earn some money back! [ad#adesnse text link] … [Read more...]

Just for the Joy of it: Forts & Popcorn

Well, it is an awful weather day here in central Virginia...thunder, lightning, heavy rain and even hail. My boys are definitely the outdoor type. So, indoor days are loooong and make for cranky boys (and mommy too!). Today we built a fort in our living room. A large blanket, clamps and chairs do the trick! It is amazing how a simple little fort can entertain little ones. I popped some popcorn and they were happy as can be! I was even invited to play in the fort! And if all else fails this … [Read more...]

My Parent Rewards Card

I am so excited to tell you about a new coupon source! I just found out about My Parent Rewards Card. Basically, it is like an Entertainment book but in a card form! The great thing about My Parent Rewards is that it is a national savings card! You do not have to pick a region like other coupon books. How does it work? Once you purchase the card, you log onto My Parent Rewards. Search by zip code for coupons for retailers, restaurants, services, attractions and more. Print out the coupon you … [Read more...]

Saving Animals Finger Puppets Review

As you may all remember from the Rattlesnake Rules book review, my son Mason is obsessed with gloves! He wears his little magic mittens every day. When we received the Saving Animals Finger Puppets from Five Star Publications, he was ecstatic! They have the feel of his magic gloves but are so much cuter! These little finger puppets are actually companion puppets for the book Saving Animals by Samuel Lopez. Although, we don't have that book, it did not matter one bit. We found that the snake … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Candy Making

Ever since I can remember, homemade candy has been a part of our Christmas. My mom use to do all of the candy making until she taught me how to do it when I was 12. I have carried on this tradition since then. There are some recipes that I traditionally make every year and then I usually throw in some new ones too. Besides making the candy for ourselves, I always put together gift trays for neighbors, friends and family. It is a big hit and really it doesn't cost alot of money if you start … [Read more...]