Holiday from the Heart

How do I make the holiday's special. I make gifts. I love to give people unique gifts so the only way to do that is to make them. I love this site Fire Mountain Gems. If you click here you can see videos on how to make necklaces.  They even tell you what to order. I started this because I fell in love with some designs featured at those super home parties. The design was out of my budget so I was able to replicate it with "inferior" beads. I mean the beads were not the real gemstones for $10 … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Giving to Charities

It has been a tough year for charities. Many of us do not have extra money and are uncertain what the future holds. Therefore, monetary donations to charities have been down this year. There are ways that you can be charitable without giving money. If you are addicted to CVS like myself, you probably have ten tubes of toothpaste, seven packs of razors and eight bottles of hair products on hand! I actually stopped getting some of the free after extra care buck items due to my ever growing … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Homemade Gifts

Last year I decided to give a lot of homemade gifts. As I have discussed before, I have been canning goods for the last three years. My sister-in-law, Cathy, and I canned a whole bushel of pickles last year (yeah, we kind of over did it when ordering the pickling cucumbers!). When the pickles were complete and we discovered we had enough for an army, it was determined that everyone would receive pickles... I mean canned goods for Christmas! My parents are always a challenge to buy gifts for; … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Recycled Gifts

Madame Deals is going to start a new series for the approaching Holiday season. Come back every Sunday for fun and inexpensive  Holiday ideas! My son Mason turned three last week. For this last year I have stockpiled gifts. I had no problem going to my gift stash and finding Mason's designated gifts. In all, I spent about $25 on his birthday. But you know what Mason really enjoyed? The two toy motorcycles I had picked up from a yard sale for .25¢ each. These motorcycles were not actually part … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart

Dear Readers, We would like to invite you to share how you provide gifts for your family on a budget during the holidays. In my family, we do gifts just for the kids. In my husband's family we exchange names for the adults and there is a $100.00 limit on the gift selection. In our household we celebrate Hanukkah so I set a limit of $100.00 for my children's gifts. I usually buy a couple needed items and a few toys.  My husband and myself do not exchange gifts. We instead, go somewhere or do … [Read more...]