Get your Coupons Organized…

Organization is necessary since Harris Teeter will start triple coupons on Wednesday November 4th! Triple coupons up to .99¢ is the word buzzing around the internet. This means if you have a .75¢ off coupon, it will become $2.25! Rules: ::Only (20) coupons per household per day will be tripled. You can use more than (20) coupons but they will not be doubled or tripled. (If you do have more than 20, make sure you give the ones you want to triple first) ::Buy One Get One Free items ring up half … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Trip: Saved 59%

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I headed out to Harris Teeter yesterday and did pretty well! I spent $59.36 and saved $85.80! That is a 59% savings! Some of the best deals: (2) Purina Dog Chow Bags 20lbs $14.69 (BOGO) -$1.50 coupon -$2.00 coupon made it $5.59 per bag! 3 Musketeers Mini bars $2.00 -.50¢ peelie coupons on the bag made it $1.00 per bag (I only bought 2 as I know my weakness for chocolate!) (2) Mueller Spaghetti $1.00 -.55¢/2 coupon made it .45¢ each (2) Prego Pasta Sauce (large jars) $1.99 -.75¢/2 … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 9/30-10/06

Get your coupons cut and organized! Harris Teeter will be having Super Double coupons starting Wednesday. Yes, Harris Teeter is tempting me! I really don't need much but who can resist Super Doubles! Rules: Only (20) coupons per day will be doubled per household. They will double manufactures coupons up to $1.98. If you have a $1.50 coupon, it becomes $3.00. Only two of the same internet coupons will be doubled in the same transaction. Only three of the same regular coupons will be doubled … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Saved 79%

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I made my first trip to Harris Teeter for triple coupons today. Most of the items I bought were from our Harris Teeter matchups HERE or HERE. I did take advantage of the $10/$50 coupon for Whole Foods found in yesterdays newspaper. Harris Teeter accepts competitors coupons and the manager took the $10 off without batting an eye! WooHoo! I also took advantage of the General Mills promotion, the Old El Paso catalina deal and the Green Giant catalina deal. Produce: (5) pears, grapes, (3) … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Tip for Extra Savings

I just got back from a great trip to Harris Teeter. I will post all of the details with a picture later. However, I did want to quickly point out a great extra savings deal! Harris Teeter will accept a competitors money off the total coupon. Remember that $10/$50 Whole Foods coupon I told you about yesterday? Well, I took it to Harris Teeter today and was able to get an additional $10 off my bill! So look in your Daily Progress from Wednesday September 16th on page C2 for the Whole Foods coupon! … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Triple trip #1

My totals are off because I didn't check my receipt before I left. I was in a hurry the  little one was hungry.... They charged me $2.95 for gerber puffs that were half eaten and already paid for! We brought them in with us.  So I guess my total should be $3.00 less since I paid for something I already owned. I would be mad however I saved $110.04 buying items that my family eats or uses. Here are the items that were not on the rock bottom list that I bought  AFTER I gave the cashier my 20 … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Free & Inexpensive List

BOGO items: you do not have to buy both; items will ring at half price. The Price listed below reflects the half price For B2G3 free items, you must purchase all 5 to get the deal. Make sure you register your VIC card for special e-VIC promotions. Limit of (20) coupons per household each day for double coupons (very strict on this). You can use other coupons but they will not double. Give your Double coupons first, then the other coupons. Harris Teeter has Triple Coupons this week up to … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Triples on the Horizon!

Rumor has it that Harris Teeter will have Triple coupons starting 9/16! So, start cutting your coupons and setting aside the .50¢ and .75¢ value ones. Limit of (20) coupons per day per family. Triple coupons up to .99¢ (a .75¢ coupon becomes $2.25) You can use more than 20 coupons, but the coupons over the 20 limit will only be redeemed at face value. If you have more than 20, always give the coupons you want to triple first. You do not have to buy both items for a BOGO sale. The item will … [Read more...]

e-VIC Members: Check your Inbox!

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I was so excited to find an e-mail from Harris Teeter e-VIC in my inbox this morning! They sent me a $10/$50 coupon for this weekend! Anyone else get one? If you did, print out our Harris Teeter Rock Bottom Deals and find the items you need. Get your coupons ready in your MD Coupon Solution (if you have one!). Remember that the $50 can be met BEFORE coupons. Scan your e-VIC card at checkout and then give your manufactures coupons! I guess I will be making a trip to Harris Teeter this weekend! … [Read more...]