Harris Teeter: A readers triples trip!

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  Cathy's trip and coupon matchups:   Hunt's Ketchup - 2.19 (Free coupon) - FINAL = FREE! Jet Dry Rinse - 4.49 (Free! coupon) - FINAL = FREE! Velveeta Cup - 1.25 - (.55) - FINAL = FREE! Lipton Tea Bags - 1.29 - (.50) - FINAL = FREE! Texas Toast Croutons - 1.50 - (.55) - FINAL = FREE! 2 - Wacky Mac - 1.59 total (BOGO) - (.50) - FINAL = FREE! 2 - Kraft Dressing - 1.80 each (BOGO) - (.55) x 2 - FINAL =.15 each Fried Onions - 2.49 - (.75) - FINAL = .24 Snyders Pretzels - 2.50 - (.75) - … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter: Are you Ready for Triples?

Harris Teeter will have Triple coupons this week starting on Wednesday May 27th until June 2nd. Remember that Harris Teeter triples coupons upto and including .99¢. Only 20 coupons per day, per person will be tripled. Coupons over the 2o tripled will be redeemed at face value. What you need to do to get prepared: Cut out and organize your coupons. Find your coupons with the highest value. I always look for the .75¢ and higher coupons. Come back and visit our site for the rock bottom … [Read more...]

Ladies Night Out for FREE!

Do you need a night out with the ladies? I sure do and I only wish I had a Home Depot near by! This Thursday, Home Depot is offering a FREE gardening workshop for women. Learn about everything from vegetables, to outdoor style and flowers. Wear something that is comfortable and that can get dirty... hands on activities! Also bring your ideas for your garden! Sign up by clicking on the ad above! Have fun! … [Read more...]

Retail Therapy, Finally!

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It has been a very busy week but I finally managed to get to the grocery store. Luckily I didn't need that much as I have stockpiled, as you probably remember seeing my previous weeks pictures!Harris Teeter HighlightsVelveeta Single Serve Cups: All three were FREE. Just buy 3 and the $3 will automatically come off at registerKraft Macaroni & Cheese: .54¢ each. Buy 4 & get $1 off your next visit! Buy 5 and get $1.50 off or buy 6 and get $2.00 off your next order. I actually didn’t know … [Read more...]

What's for dinner Wednesday??

Do you often wonder what do I do with all this stuff I bought on sale? Are you eating the same meal over and over again? We are here to help you out. Disclaimer- I am not a chef in fact for ten years my husband thought I didn't know how to cook. I figured why cook when he would??? Well times have changed and I am the one in the kitchen and buying the groceries. I would also like it noted that I was in a cooking co-op for a couple of years and people liked my cooking. I will put together easy … [Read more...]