Easy Crafts for Kids : Paper Plate Easter Bunny

easy crafts for kids

It Doesn't take long to make this Easy Crafts for Kids :Paper Plate Easter Bunny To make this Easy Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Bunny you will need the following supplies: 2 White Paper Plates Bag of Cotton Balls 2-Googly Eyes 3-Pom Poms 2- Pipe Cleaners Ribbon Instructions Take 1 paper plate and glue cotton balls (2-3 deep depending on the size of your cotton balls). Take the other paper plate and cut out bunny ears. Color the ears pink and glue cotton balls ...

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Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly

jelly bean butterfly

Frugal Kid Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly Butterflies are a sign that Spring is here. When you can't wait for the real ones to show up in your neighborhood create your own with this delicious looking Butterfly. This is a great Easter Craft but with Jelly Beans being available all year round now, this makes a great anytime craft.   Jelly Bean Butterfly Supply List Bag of Jelly Beans 1 - Snack Size Zip-top baggie Clothes Pin 1 Pipe Cleaner Markers Googly Eyes Jelly ...

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Frugal Kid: Non-Candy Valentine Gift Idea

valentine's gifts

Check out this Valentine Gift Idea that you and your kids can make! This weekend bond with the kids by doing an activity together. Check out this easy, fun and educational frugal activity that you can do with your kids in preparation for Valentine's Day. Non-Candy Valentine Gift Idea Materials: Shaving Cream Food Coloring Popsicle Sticks Cardstock Deep pan Directions: ...

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Frugal Kid: Toilet Paper Roll Monsters


    Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Halloween is quickly approaching so I will be sticking to this theme for a couple of weeks! Don’t miss the rest of the Halloween themed crafts! Toilet Paper Roll Monsters Materials: Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Various Colors of Paint Decorations of Your Choice (i.e feathers, pom poms, googly eyes, etc) Hot Glue Gun and/or Glue Stick ...

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Frugal Kid: Toilet Paper Pumpkin Decor

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  Toilet Paper Pumpkin Decor Materials: 1 roll of toilet paper 1 sheet of orange tissue paper Black construction paper Green construction paper Brown construction paper Directions: 1. Cover the toilet paper roll with the orange tissue paper by laying the sheet flat, putting the roll in the middle and then just lifting and tucking the tissue paper in the roll's hole. 2. Take one piece of brown construction paper and roll it horizontally. Then take the roll and fold it in half ...

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Frugal Kid: Jack-o-lantern Door Sign


Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Halloween is quickly approaching so I will be sticking to this theme for a couple of weeks! Jack-o-lantern Door Sign Materials: Popsicle Sticks Orange Paint Black and Green Construction Paper or Sticky Felt Yarn Small piece of cardboard Hot Glue Gun ...

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Frugal Kid: Edible Pirate Ship and DIY Pirate Hook


Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th and since my sons are pirate fans, I just had to do some pirate crafts! Edible Pirate Ship Materials: Ice cream bowls Ice cream or sherbert 2 Toothpicks and 1 Straw Marshmellows Directions: 1. Fill the bowl with ice cream or sherbert. 2. Put one marshmellow on each toothpick. 3. Cut the straw so that it is longer than the toothpicks. Put 2 marshmellows on the straw. 4. Insert the toothpicks and straws into the ice cream or sherbert and ...

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