Pennsylvania Bound with Roadtrip-a-Matic

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This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine. With time and money being a huge consideration these days, we like to plan our roadtrips close to home.  Generally, we try to limit our travel time to about four or five hours each way.  This gives us more time to enjoy ourselves and less time on the road.  Pennsylvania is one of those destinations which fits right into our criteria for a roadtrip. Our family enjoys vacations where we can visit historic sights, eat at … [Read more...]

Budget Travel: Family Vacation Travel on a Budget


Family Vacation Travel Tips Traveling is something we do for fun, but it can also be good for your sanity. When you are young and have a lot of expendable income, it’s easy to fit into your life, but as you get older and your family grows, travel expenses multiply. While you make more than you did (hopefully), you also have bills and obligations that might make budgets tight. You have some extra money, but you don’t feel like it’s enough to go anywhere. Maybe you take weekend trips, go … [Read more...]

Chicago Travel: Madame Deals Style

Okay, So it is girl's weekend Happy Birthday Alpha Xi Delta! We decided every year that my sisters and myself would meet up for a weekend of fun. I save all year. I turned in my get out of jail card and flew to Chicago. I hope to share my tips and trips for how to have a five star trip on a 2 star budget. I am writing this watching a plasma TV from my lovely hotel room located downtown. I will tell you how I scored a 5 star hotel for $100.00 a night. Tip 1: Pick a date as far advance as … [Read more...]

Chicago Travel: Madame Deals Style

The girl's trip we all need one! I need one every year for the weekend. We picked a date that was easy for all of us to remember the weekend of our sorority's birthday since that is where we all met. I suggest picking a city that has easy access to airports and mass transit. The easiest way to save money on transportation is to go to a place where there are options galore!   Tip 1 Planning … [Read more...]