Water Bottle Craft: Bride-to-be Edition!

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Wedding Water Bottle Craft Today I am am going to show you how to make a Water Bottle Craft:Bride-to-be Edition! This would be the perfect gift for your recently engaged girlfriend/sister/cousin/etc! super simple, and fun! This is the latest edition in our Water Bottle Craft Series! Water Bottle Craft Instructions:  Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container Wash it out and remove the label Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme(In this theme, … [Read more...]

Winter Fun: Snow Painting

snow painting

Snow Painting Where I live we have a LOT of snow.  And it just seems to keep coming.  I hope we get a LOT more.  We had such a drought this summer.  And the snow fall started late.  So we have to fit in as much fun activities in the snow as we can. I decided to try snow painting.  It is a LOT of fun. It's really simple.Take a water bottle.  Add either washable paint or food coloring, and then fill with water.  You can add more or less, depending on how dark you want it. The food … [Read more...]

Break up Gift Idea: Water Bottle Craft


Break up Gift Idea: Water Bottle Craft When Life Gives You Lemons Edition! You  need to cheer up a friend this is a great way to do that! You can send them this a Break up Gift Idea Today I am going to show you a super cute new edition to our Water Bottle Craft Series the Break up Gift Idea. This is the Water Bottle Craft:When Life Gives You Lemons Edition! This would be perfect for someone in your life that is going through a tough time! I mean sometimes we need to make light out of a … [Read more...]

Crafts for Kids: Football Shaped Snack Bowl


  Football Shaped Snack Bowl Today I'm going to show you how to make a Football Shaped Snack Bowl! This craft is super easy and fun, and would be perfect to make for upcoming Superbowl Sunday! Here is what you will need: 2 pieces of brown construction paper 1 piece of whatever color construction paper you would like! (This is for the "laces" of the football, so you can do traditional white, whatever color goes with the team you are rooting for, or in my case, your child's … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Homemade Glitter Play-doh!


Valentines Day Homemade Glitter Play-doh! Today I'm going to show you how to make a fun, easy, and cheap  homemade Play-Doh! This is something super fun to make with your kids! My 4 year old had a blast! Here is what you will need (you probably already have these things at home!): A mixing bowl ¼ cup of water 1 cup of flour ½ cup of salt unsweetened Kool-Aid (this is what will add the color and smell!) Some glitter!   … [Read more...]

Water Bottle Craft for Valentine’s day

Water Bottle craft

Water Bottle Craft   Why would I do a Water Bottle Craft. Well I saw the most awesome one on a friend's blog. She did a Fun Mail in Birthday Party Bottle. It thought oh wow I could do that for my friends and loved ones as well.  I was so impressed by her creativity and her ability to create something so special with a water bottle that I decided I wanted to do a whole series of Water Bottle Crafts. I love Valentine's day  and it happens to be my favorite holiday. I frankly … [Read more...]

Water Bottle Craft: Valentine’s Day

Water Bottle Craft

Water Bottle Craft     I was recently working with a group of bloggers and one of them had the cutest Water Bottle Craft.  She did a Fun Mail in Birthday Party Bottle.  She created the coolest gift using a water bottle as the vessel to mail her birthday gift. I was so impressed by her creativity and her ability to create something so special with a water bottle that I decided I wanted to do a whole series of Water Bottle Crafts. I know that Valentine's day happens to be my … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Crafts – How to Make a Valentine’s Picture Frame

Valentines Day Crafts

Check out this special Valentines Day Crafts and create a special gift!   Valentine’s Picture Frame  What you need: 1 Sheet of Black Cardstock (you could use construction paper), Cardboard size of 8 ½ x 11 inches, scissors, Elmer’s Glue, Plastic see through piece 5 ½ x 7 ½ inches, foam sticky hearts. Get this PDF file of pattern. … [Read more...]

Ice Balloons for Kids

ice balloons

I am sure I have your brain thinking, Ice Balloons? What are you talking about? Let say it's a great time for the kids.  And it has some learning involved as well. Ice Balloons Supplies are SUPER easy. Water (I used water balloons because that's what I had, but I do plan on getting the big ones) Balloons Food coloring if you would like   … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Crafts – Striking Decorated Soaps

Valentines Day Crafts

Looking for Valentines Day Crafts? Check out this Striking Decorated Soap Craft which you can give to your loved ones as present for Valentine's Day! Striking Decorated Soap Craft It’s time to embellish hearts, purchase candy, and sharpen Cupid’s arrows. February is nearing and that means Valentine’s Day. The holiday is full of love and appreciation, but too often we are overwhelmed with gifts of chocolate and roses. Please don’t get me wrong- I have a soft spot for a piece of good … [Read more...]