Renae's Weekly Spending

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I am a bit behind on reporting my weekly spending, sorry! Last week: I spent $25.14 and $22.03 at Harris Teeter, $30 for a box of food from Angel Food Network $23.20 at EW Thomas and $23.36 at Kroger. Total, I spent $123.73. Yes, $23.73 over budget. I am okay with that though. I wanted to try the Angel Food box and I will be giving a review shortly. The grocery shopping trip to EW Thomas was a last minute decision. EW Thomas is a little country store about 3 miles from my house. We decided to … [Read more...]

Renae's Shopping Trips

Well, as you may have all noticed, I haven't been shopping much! I haven't had any great pictures to share or personal deals to share. For one, I have been quarantined to the house since my oldest has been sick for the last couple of weeks. The other reason I haven't been out shopping is that I really didn't need much. We have been eating from our stockpile! I did run out to Harris Teeter and Giant late last week as we did have a party on Monday. I really didn't spend that much even though I … [Read more...]

This weeks grocery trip

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Well, I am back from Wedding #1. I stayed home today to get unpacked and organized. I also made a quick trip to the store and the farmer's market. Here is this weeks menu: Tuesday-homemade tomato soup with fresh bread from the farmers market (the tomatoes were ripe and I had to use them ASAP) Used the recipe in Woman's day All Purpose Grilled Tomato soup CLICK HERE INGREDIENTS 6 ripe tomatoes (about 2 lb.) 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 shallot, chopped 2 tsp fresh thyme leaves 2 tsp fresh chopped … [Read more...]

This weeks Grocery Trip

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Food Lion- Why coupon to get what you already buy for LESS. Total before Coupons or MVP deals $146.48 Total after MVP deals $111.07 Total after coupons $78.63 What did I get? Formula $17.99- $5 manf coupon- $3.00 Food Lion coupon $9.99 or $.35 per oz Turkey $9.59 Shrimp BOGO $7.99 Sausage $1.78 Coupon match ups Hunts ketchup $1.00- $.20 coupon $.80 Cheeze-it $2.00 -$.75 coupon $1.25 I have an ice cream problem!!! I got 4 jars of ice cream toppings for $2.19 each= $8.76. I had a coupon to get … [Read more...]

Food Lion Trip

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Okay, so I got my coupons ready headed to my mom's only swim party and then I thought why not go to the store without the kids before I go home.  I have $61.26 left to spend this week and I went into Food Lion and they had a great sale on meat so I stockpiled for next week. I got a London Broil for $4.24 (which I could make two meals out of), Chicken breast for $2.24, and enough ribs for $.99LB to make two meals. These are super in the crock pot add 1/2 cup of water and you favorite BBQ sauce … [Read more...]

Is "Easy" Better?

Yesterday I was out grocery shopping for a party I had last night. As I was going through the store, I was organizing in my head the many things I had to do before five o'clock. I wondered into the meat department thinking, "get chicken that is ready to go; make it easy". I had planned on chicken kabobs. Right there staring at me was kabobs already done. I was tempted but then looked at the price. Doing some quick math, I realized that it was not worth spending the majority of my grocery budget … [Read more...]