Real Deals: August Safeway Trip


This was from a few months ago, but one of the best trips I've had at Safeway. Safeway trip: Saved 68%!!! Many of my friends and family know my husband works at Safeway. So we usually shop there because we get the extra perk of using my husbands work discount (which is 10% off Safeway brand items - even food!) Well, this trip, nothing purchased was Safeway brand, so no extra 10% discount, but I did have coupons, and I did save a bunch! I spent $16.52, but saved $31.27 with coupons/store … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Kroger Shopping Trip


I went to Kroger yesterday and got $1,019.86 worth of groceries for only $343.27!!!!!! Some of the perks were Stove Top Stuffing for FREE! Deodorant for .79 cents a piece and others for .07 cents a piece. Velveta Shells and Cheese for .50 cents a box. Free Toothbrushes with coupon and also printed a surprise Catalina! Hot Dogs for .07 cents a pack. Chips for FREE! Knudsen Juice for FREE! V-* Juice Fusion for $1.00 a bottle! And more! On top of all that we got $1.40 off a gallon of gas at … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Melinda’s CVS Savings!

CVS Savings

I used (1) $10 off $50 purchase (CVS cpn) (1) $1.50/ Any 1 deo (CVS cpn) (2) $2/2 ALL (1) .30/1 Carmex lip care (1) $1/1 Carmex skin care (3) $1/4 VO5 shampoo/conditioner (1) $3/2 Dry Idea deo (1) B1G1 Free BIC (3) .25/1 Gain dish detergent (1) $10 ECBs from previous week Subtotal: $5.65 W/tax $6.23 and received $3 ECBs Thanks to Melinda for this real deals trip! Check out other Real Deals Savings. Let's all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip … [Read more...]

Real CVS Deals Trip 11/4/12

CVS Deal

I went to CVS yesterday I got 3 packages of pampers baby diapers 8.99 each =26.97, 3 bottles of down .99 each = 2.97 , 1 box of L'oreal nice n easy hair color 8.99, 2 bottles of aveeno shampú 8.99 each = 17.98, 2 bottles of aveeno conditioner 8.99 each = 17.98 2 small bottles of children's Advil 2.57 each =5.14 Total = 80.03 without tax Manufactures CouponsE 3-$2.00 off in pampers diapers 3-$0.75 off in dawn 2-$3.00 off in two aveeno 1-$8.99 off in loreal hair color 2-$2.00 off … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Kroger Shopping 9/9/12


I set off too Kroger this evening with some coupons I had compiled over the past few days. Everything I bought was on sale/clearance and I used coupons. My total before Kroger Savings Card/Sale and coupons was $53.77. After I scanned my card and used my coupons the total was down to $17.55. I then gave the cashier my $17.60 in bottle returns. I left with all my groceries and 5 cents. I was grinning and my daughter gave me a High-five. Even without my bottle returns I had saved 77%. Thanks to … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Hot Savings


This one was over $140 retail and I paid $19.66 Retail $38.92 total oop ZERO!! Thanks to Shannyn of SimplyShan for this real deals trip! Let's all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip deals that you want to share please email it to me with photos please at [email protected] and you can win 100 Cut Coupons! … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Walgreens Deals 9/4/12


Check out Gwendolyn's Real Shopping Deals! This was done in multiple orders. I did find out from Walgreens today that if you use RR from a product on that same product in another order then you will not get RR for the 2nd product. This did take some re-figuring from what I had originally done but the store manager was great and helped. I bought 10-Mitchum Advanced Control, 2- Lady Mitchum, 3- Herbal Essence Shamppo, 3-Herbal Essence Conditioner, 12 pack of Cottonelle, 2-24 pack of water, 2 … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Walgreens Kids Deal


My daughter went with me to Walgreens today and she was looking at candy when she called me over for helping reading the sale tags. She told me that I can read them better than she can. This made me proud to be her mom. She wanted me to send you a picture of what she got. Her total was $5.18 -- original total was $9.85. Thanks to Gwendolyn and her daughter for this real deals trip! Let's all help encourage others to save! If you have a real shopping trip deals that you want to share please … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Dollar Tree Savings 9/2/12


Check out Gwendolyn's hot real deals! I went to the Dollar Tree today and wasn't planning on buying anything. Then I seen they had the Full size boxs of Fruit Roll-Ups and Luigi's Frozen Ices 4 pack. I ran out to the car for my coupon box and quickly filled up the cart with 6 Fruit Roll-Ups and 8 Luigi's frozen Ices. Cost before coupons at Dollar Tree was $14.00 after coupons was $9.50. If I would have bought them full price at the grocery store it would have been approximately $30.00. So … [Read more...]

Real Deals: Back-to-School Items


Check out Christi's real back-to-school deals! 28 Bic pens free from dollar general free. 12 composition, 12 spirals and 3 folders $2.70 best buy. 12 sharpies and copy paper $8.00 from office depot. The Bic coupons $1/2 products that were released on 7/29. I purchased extra through WizClips in order to stock up my 3 teenagers for school this year. I held on to them for the right sale, and they had them at Dollar General this week for .50 per pack. Thanks to  Christi for this real deals … [Read more...]