Get More Bang for Your Buck

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Have you ever noticed that some companies offer bonus packs, free samples with a purchase or larger sizes of a product? Well, from now on, start paying attention to the items on the shelf. Let's take the Kraft BBQ sauce for example. Today I went to Food Lion (I really dislike this store, but I was desperate!) and I noticed the Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for .99¢. I remembered I had the $1.00 of coupons from the Kraft printables last week. As I searched for the original flavor, I discovered two … [Read more...]

Can you Coupon?

Couponing.... It is NOT about changing what you BUY it is how you spend.Coming this May, you are invited to a couponing workshop in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. For more information; e-mail us at [email protected] . Learn how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill and how to effectively organize coupons. … [Read more...]

Lets get ready to Coupon at CVS

CVS is a great place for you to start saving money. CVS has so many great products for little to no money if you gather your coupons and subscribe to our blog. We decided to use Video blogs to help our readers understand what we are talking about. I am not a television professional. You will also have to look beyond my son's Bob the Builder tool bench and focus on how coupons are useful. I tried to steal a couple of minutes so that I could share what I have learned. I hope it helps you and your … [Read more...]