Harris Teeter Trip

Harris teeter trip saved $113.00 Wow the holiday is over after being gone for two weeks we were missing a couple of things. This is how I shop. I am NOT an extreme couponer. I have a $125 a week budget for a family of five including diapers and household goods. I spend every penny every week. I try to donate items weekly. The picture is missing the $13.00 in sodas and $10.00 in snack I dropped off at my daughter and son's school. I must admit I did not get my coupons yet. I order them already … [Read more...]

Madame Deals Good Buy Price List

Over the last few weeks I have been posting my Good Buy Prices for items I typically shop for. Knowing what a good price is very helpful in the saving game. Even if you do not use coupons, knowing what a good price is will save you a ton of money! Remember just because something says sale, does not actually mean that it is a good price. I have compiled a list of my Good Buy Prices into a PDF file. Feel free to print it and keep it with you while you shop. You will need to make price adjustments … [Read more...]

Coupon Database Tutorial

I added the coupon database to the site a few days ago. The coupon database was created and is maintained by Deal Seeking Mom. It is a wonderful resource for me and for all of you! The coupon database can be used to search for available coupons or find out where a coupon came from. Coupons are listed from newspaper inserts, magazines, home mailers and internet printables. While the database is updated on a routine basis, remember that printable coupons can change very quickly. On occasion you … [Read more...]

Check Your Receipts for Price Errors

Mary just sent us the following e-mail and a good reminder for all of us: I purchased four bags of Nature Valley Honey Nut Clusters at Food Lion on Sunday.  The shelf tag showed they were on sale for 2/$5.  I used four $1.60/1 Vocalpoint coupons bringing the price down to $.90 each.  When I returned home and started to scan my shopping trip (as part of the Nielsen Home Scan Program), I realized I was charged $3.79 a bag. I went back to Food Lion the next day with my receipt and the manager … [Read more...]

How to Solve Catalina Printing Problems

One of our readers, Adrienne, had an issue with the Old El Paso catalina deal at Harris Teeter this week. When she bought the qualifying items, the catalina for the money off her next order did not print. Adrienne sent us this e-mail identifying the steps she took to get her catalina! Just wanted to let you know how it went.  I called 1-888-8coupon to get the Catalina customer service, and pressed #3 for the consumer option.  I explained my problem about how the catalina for the products didn't … [Read more...]

Coupons in Unexpectd Places

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Are you on the hunt for coupons? Do you look anywhere and everywhere? Last week I found some great coupons in unexpected places. I was at Harris Teeter and they had a big truck in front of the store and they were grilling steak for samples. The steak was very good and a nice sample size. I asked the gentleman if he had any coupons. What do you know, he handed me a pamphlet with a $4 and $5 off Harris Teeter steak purchase! Wow, coupons for steak, that never seems to happen! If you see people … [Read more...]

How Do you Shop?

Renae and I wanted to find out how other people "live with in the budget." We have asked some other moms, bloggers, and dads to share their trips.  We all have different tastes, budgets, and methods so why don't we learn from one another? Please, share your successful tips and trips. You can send us a picture and your trip details to Here is Mary's Harris Teeter Trip $233.06 in groceries for $98.66 TRIPLE COUPON DEALS 2 Betty Crocker brownie mix 6 Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup 9 cans of Chef … [Read more...]

Enter, Enter, Enter…… We got It and You want It

We got it and you want it.......... School Edition In the box so far the CLICK HERE Just a note this item is free after rebate... I also want you to know I ordered it online along with some other needed supplies so the shipping was also free.  YEAH! I didn't have to drag two kids into a store to grab free items they came to me (in two days). Got to LOVE staples!! … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter: A readers triples trip!

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  Cathy's trip and coupon matchups:   Hunt's Ketchup - 2.19 (Free coupon) - FINAL = FREE! Jet Dry Rinse - 4.49 (Free! coupon) - FINAL = FREE! Velveeta Cup - 1.25 - (.55) - FINAL = FREE! Lipton Tea Bags - 1.29 - (.50) - FINAL = FREE! Texas Toast Croutons - 1.50 - (.55) - FINAL = FREE! 2 - Wacky Mac - 1.59 total (BOGO) - (.50) - FINAL = FREE! 2 - Kraft Dressing - 1.80 each (BOGO) - (.55) x 2 - FINAL =.15 each Fried Onions - 2.49 - (.75) - FINAL = .24 Snyders Pretzels - 2.50 - (.75) - … [Read more...]