Another Workshop

We have a lot of people ask us to host another workshop and with all the Holidays coming up. We know you need to spend less. We booked another date for next week! We want to teach you how to snag all those great deals now! This coming Thursday at the Fluvanna Library at 7:00 PM. Cost $40 includes your Madame Deals Coupon Solution and 2 hours of our training...... Sign-up by filling out the form on the Coupon Workshop page! Spend LESS!!! … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Triple trip #1

My totals are off because I didn't check my receipt before I left. I was in a hurry the  little one was hungry.... They charged me $2.95 for gerber puffs that were half eaten and already paid for! We brought them in with us.  So I guess my total should be $3.00 less since I paid for something I already owned. I would be mad however I saved $110.04 buying items that my family eats or uses. Here are the items that were not on the rock bottom list that I bought  AFTER I gave the cashier my 20 … [Read more...]

Madame Deals Interview with Work at Home Success

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Renae and myself were interviewed by Leslie Truex "The Pajama Mama". Leslie has a wonderful website dedicated to giving you FREE advice and tips on working from home. If you are thinking about starting a home business or even if you have already started one, we urge you to check out Work at Home Success.We shared how and why we got started. We hope we inspire you to Spend less and do more! Listen to our interview WAHS Podcast #56: Two Moms Make Money by Showing Others How To Save Money … [Read more...]

Why coupon?

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This is what I asked myself five months ago. I figured that the food that has coupons for it were ones I didn't eat. I am right that some of  the food we eat do not have coupons for them. GASP, from the crowd. Well then why do I coupon? That is a very simple answer because I hate paying full price for diapers, formula, dish soap, tampons, shampoo, soap, laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, sponges, make up, razors, and every other consumable I use. I also use coupons for meals out, … [Read more...]

What can you do?

I believe there are two kinds of people in the world: those who do and those who make do I am a person who does. I jump in with both feet after I research the event and I can tell you that everything we "do" on this site in terms of saving money you can also do. It is up to you to make the decision to be a person who "does". We would like to be your SPENDING less coaches so join us on September 12, 2009 at  our workshop CLICK HERE to learn how to make DOLLARS out of CHANGE. PS: Look at our … [Read more...]

New Coupon Workshop Date

We have a new coupon workshop date scheduled! Here is what two of our former students have said this week on Facebook: Donnie- just got back from quick food/grocery shopping using skills learned at Madame Deals ( spent $50 this week and am done with all my shopping!!!! I can't believe it! I am actually saving I've got to hunt down those bills that are just calling out to get paid :=( Jodie- You owe it to yourself and your budget to attend … [Read more...]

CVS paid ME $5.71!!! Saved $103.21

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I did 2 transactions to minimize my out of pocket cash. Here is what I bought first I had a spend $49 get $7 off coupon so this equaled more than that. Sunscreen $9 each for $27 total. Used the aveeno coupon for $10 off of 3 positively ageless products (see our rock bottom deals to print this out). I also had a spend $15 on sunscreen get $3 off final cost $14.00 (got $10 back in ECB) So $4.00 out of pocket Glade products buy 2 for $10. I did this deal twice once with the Lasting Impressions … [Read more...]

The Madame Deals System works

Would you play a sport without a game plan? Would you go into a meeting without preparation? Then how do you expect to save money without a system? We have one and it works! It works so well that we get emails daily from our students telling us how much they save. It works so well that people are sharing the system with their friends and family. It works so well I have people coming to my house to pick them up because they can't wait to get started!! We all have goals. The question is what are … [Read more...]

Making Dollars out of CHANGE

Are you ready to make dollars out of CHANGE? Change the way you think. Change the way you allocate your time do something for you and your family that you will equal dollars in you pocket. Just remember that pennies add up to dollars. Can you Coupon? Join us for a two hour class that will teach you how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill. You will learn how to get items for FREE and even how to MAKE money shopping. Learn how to organize your coupons with our binder system. Saving money … [Read more...]