Couponing "The Test"- Can Anyone do this?

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Well, I put my theory to the test that anyone can do this. The subject of my experiment is an officer in the Navy, a salesman, athlete, father, husband (mine), and the person most likely not to be in the grocery store.  We have always differed on our approach to shopping in the grocery store from the very beginning of our relationship. I bought food and he bought lettuce and water. You read right that is what he was going to eat for the week! This diet that he picked was because he was frugal … [Read more...]

New Year's Resolution: Save Money!!

The easiest way to do this is, use coupons to buy what you are already buying!! Pay less; it really is that easy. This weekend I ran into Rite Aid and bought 2 packages of Stay Free products, 2 Nivea lip care products, 1 Listerine, and two packages of light bulbs. How much did I pay? Well, $2.00 for the light bulbs and $3.00 for the Listerine and some tax. The best part is I submitted my rebate and aside from the tax, I got all of the above for FREE! You read right FREE! I used the Rite Aid list … [Read more...]

The Gift that Makes Dollars out of Change

See Mary's review: Renae and Amee, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new MD Coupon Solution.  The past week has been a busy shopping week with two Harris Teeter triples trips to town, my usual Sunday trip to Food Lion, and a few bargains at CVS. Prior to winning the MD Coupon Solution, I was using a binder which worked well for me.  Or so I thought!  Once I transferred everything to my new MD Coupon Solution, it all came together.  There is now room for all my … [Read more...]

Money Saving Monday: Coupon Storage

The theme this week on Money Saving Monday at Inexpensively is: Coupon Storage. At our coupon workshops, I always tell my story about how I use to organize my coupons. Yes, I was very happy with my two large accordion style coupon organizers. That was until Amee flat out beat me at coupon finding! Amee and I met to exchange coupons and talk about the latest and greatest deals way back in April. She asked me for a coupon and I started the hunt. I knew I had it...somewhere in thebody wash … [Read more...]

Tuesday's Tip

Get organized. The easiest way to save money is to get organized. I am working toward this goal. This weekend I bought apple juice; 3 of them. I went to put the apple juice in their optimal location and there sat 2 apple juice bottles. I now have a stockpile of apple juice, which isn't that awful. However, I spent $5 out of my $100.00 budget on something we didn't need right now. So how am I going to avoid this in the future? I am going to stick with my list. I place my Madame Deals list on my … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Triple trip #1

My totals are off because I didn't check my receipt before I left. I was in a hurry the  little one was hungry.... They charged me $2.95 for gerber puffs that were half eaten and already paid for! We brought them in with us.  So I guess my total should be $3.00 less since I paid for something I already owned. I would be mad however I saved $110.04 buying items that my family eats or uses. Here are the items that were not on the rock bottom list that I bought  AFTER I gave the cashier my 20 … [Read more...]

Madame Deals Interview with Work at Home Success

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Renae and myself were interviewed by Leslie Truex "The Pajama Mama". Leslie has a wonderful website dedicated to giving you FREE advice and tips on working from home. If you are thinking about starting a home business or even if you have already started one, we urge you to check out Work at Home Success.We shared how and why we got started. We hope we inspire you to Spend less and do more! Listen to our interview WAHS Podcast #56: Two Moms Make Money by Showing Others How To Save Money … [Read more...]

How do I use our site?

Well the same way you should. I looked in my inbox and found the Harris Teeter coupon for $10 off of $50 that is already 20% off my bill! 1) I typed in 2) Then I clicked on the Harris Teeter Icon on the right of our site. 3) I click on the post TITLE that has the right dates and rock bottom deals 4) I scan the list 5) I go to the bottom of the post and print out the list 6) I circle what I need 7) I print out the coupons that are available online for the products that I am … [Read more...]

Why coupon?

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This is what I asked myself five months ago. I figured that the food that has coupons for it were ones I didn't eat. I am right that some of  the food we eat do not have coupons for them. GASP, from the crowd. Well then why do I coupon? That is a very simple answer because I hate paying full price for diapers, formula, dish soap, tampons, shampoo, soap, laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, sponges, make up, razors, and every other consumable I use. I also use coupons for meals out, … [Read more...]

The MD Coupon Solution Giveaway

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We have finally decided on a name for our coupon organization system, the MD Coupon Solution. In honor of the name debut, we are giving one away! Madame Deals wants to thank Kellie for the MD part of the name! We were really stumped on a catchy name and Kellie came to the rescue! If you buy one within a week of this contest we will refund your money. If you are a local winner, you will be able to attend our September 12th coupon workshop for FREE! This contest ends September 11th at 10:00 … [Read more...]