Advanced Blogging tips

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Advanced Blogging Tips Advanced Blogging tips are those that really deal with how to make money at this whole blogging thing. Here are some of my favorite posts on doing that. How to pitch  Monetizing your site  We have tons of Ask a Blogger articles. You now have the  Beginners Blogging Tips. If you do [...]

Go Daddy

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People ask how do you get traffic to your website. One of the ways to drive traffic to your website is by buying domains. I never thought about this but it makes sense if you find what people are searching for and buy that url. Then you direct it to your site you then have [...]

Beginners Blogging tips

Okay so you want to blog… You need Beginners Blogging Tips You need to get LifeLock if your going to be online all the time. You never know people are crazy.. This is totally worth the money. You need a domain name I suggest Go Daddy for your basic hosting options and your domain. You [...]